In Response to Yesterday’s Post….

Here are a few excellent comments in response to my post yesterday on Leo Hohmann’s latest piece: ‘America at the crossroads: The silent majority vs. the advancing power of the mob.

First from Michael:

Thanks so much for this, Ann. Leo Hohmann is my all-time hero. He’s part of a tiny, tiny, tiny—less than a thousand, I’m sure, if not a hundred—handful of people who are speaking up about the obvious: we are in the middle of a full-scale revolution, and the beginnings of a genuine Civil War. It’s 1968 all over again, only this time it’s MUCH more serious.

Our beautiful, beloved country will almost certainly die a horrible death in November, without a kind of miracle. How we can get the supposed two million evangelical Christians who don’t vote, to do so in this year’s election, I have no idea. But thank goodness for Mr. Hohmann: he’s on his white horse, at least. Too bad he has no cavalry!!

From Michelle:

Ben Carson was on Fox this morning talking about the silence from people who do not support this lawlessness and mob control. He said it is up to us to stand up for what we believe and stop hiding and hoping no one will notice us. He is correct because our elected officials are doing nothing and it is soon going to be out of control. I write to my local elected and hope that others do the same. There is strength in numbers and if we all speak out, we can win our country back. Thank you Ann for speaking up all these years about the injustice to everyday americans and taxpayers.

And then this from Blurnieghey:

You would think by now these people would learn not to apologize. Why bother? You’re going to be toast no matter what you do, so you might as well stick to your guns and show some dignity.

Perhaps the “silence” of the “majority” deserves some analysis of where the average member of this ambiguous group stands in this mess. Aside from the chumps who are swallowing whatever crap the nightly news feeds them, what else do we have? People in debt to their eyeballs and possibly broke? Living paycheck to paycheck, maybe? Afraid of losing their jobs because they are “racist”? Families to support and a perhaps a liberally inclined significant other who ain’t havin’ none of it, who holds the leash? Maybe hoping to hunker down and avoid the whole mess because they are hoping to retire soon? Drugs, poor health and generally poor physical condition, and on and on.

I’m not trying to run anybody down here, but the fact remains that, if you are compromised by any of the above, you owe it to yourself to get un-compromised. If you can’t be troubled to do that, then exactly what can you be troubled for? If it’s too much work, then it isn’t unfair to question your worth in any sort of “uprising”.

It appears these scum are using our financial security and fear of discomfort as a means of control. If this intimidates you, get un-intimidated. You can’t take all your goodies with you when you go and it looks to me like they just want to incrementally grind us down, knowing that people will continue to cling to what little they have rather than strike back.

Personally, I’d much prefer to be farting around with my hobbies and enjoying myself than confronting this mess, but it’s pretty obvious what is coming down the pipeline at this point and there simply are no half-measures. They have any number of commie playbooks to draw instruction from and they are clearly using them—what do we have?

They are organized—we aren’t. Let that sink in.

The above rant aside, my gut tells me these swine are poking the bear so they can get some blowback and achieve some degree of martyrdom before they continue the siege. Speaking up and not caving is great, but the willingness of the scum to resort to violence over trivialities makes me suspicious.

What do we do? 

The only thing I know is that we must put Donald Trump in the White House for four more years and buy ourselves more time. As imperfect as he is, there is no other choice.

I told readers that in November of last year and the post is featured continually on the right hand sidebar of both of my blogs.  Click here to read it all.

And, don’t wait for one national group/leader to emerge so he or she can tell you what to do! Find some place where you can do your part this year and the years ahead (like reader Michelle is doing, it doesn’t have to be huge).

I’ve made several suggestions in that post linked above.

But, let me say, that even if Trump is successful that will not be the end of it and we need to be ready for more trouble ahead because as reader Blurnieghey says, they are organized and we are not.

Come back for my next post to see one way they are organized and thus how Michael Bloomberg’s ‘New American Economy’ helped defeat Rep. Steve King in Iowa (as Bloomberg works to change America by changing the people).

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4 thoughts on “In Response to Yesterday’s Post….

  1. I recent the words about President Trump …”imperfect as he is…”
    I defy anyone to name anyone who could have fought back against the Globalists and “enemies within” any stronger or better. He is the perfect President for our times.

    Name me one politician -which Trump was not, is not- who could and will hold this country together against the massive forces against him and the American people.

    If we don’t vote him back in….if we just stay at home…if we believe others will get out and do our civic duty for us….we’ll end up with the “obama” crowd all over again.

    We are now -3 years later – just now finding out all of the corruption of the Obama thugs…you want 4 to 8 more years of that? We wouldn’t survive as a country after another two years of the Marxist Obama crowd.

    Get out and vote like your life and our country’s life depends on it…..because it does.

  2. Hi Ann
    All the comments were excellent, however we continue to ignore the obvious. It is us who are responsible for protecting and maintaining our communities. The police and government cannot do it, they are weak and there are not enough of them. The communities that go out and protect their property, businesses and monuments/history do not experience the destruction of their communities. WE have to do it, not be government dependents. It’s very scary that we conservatives are so dependent….

    1. Actually, I meant to inject something like that in my little tirade, but I figured I’d said enough. It simply has to start at the local level for no other reason than it is the only level we can expect to have any control over. Our leaders, if not outright ideologues and traitors are, at the very least, parasites who are incapable of providing anything of worth in the real world and will do or say anything to keep their jobs. The quality of our police, while already questionable, will surely decline after this latest series of events and the new breed may likely be politically aligned with our enemies (they tear down the existing police establishment and replace them with ones who will be on their side).

      Remember the John Birch Society? Read some of the old Bircher stuff from back in the day and then read what a lot of these online bloggers and conservative pundits are saying now. Notice much of a difference? No, there isn’t a whole lot. And you ask how conservatives got so dependent? Ask twenty “conservatives” to define liberty and you’ll get twenty different answers (if they can define it at all) and, somehow, few of them seem to involve a full scale purge of the parasites that squat over us and play with our lives that won’t create a horrible precedent that will blow up in our faces. Somehow, that rarely seems to come into the equation with that breed, but you can bet it IS part of the equation for the useful idiots who are tearing down our monuments and trashing our cities. They really believe they are fighting for their personal liberty and that is a powerful motivator. Look deep into the soul of a lot of these conservatives and you might find a conflicted soul who claims to want “liberty” while, at the same time, unwittingly props up the same establishment that abuses him because he clings to an imperfect system that is now coming unglued, largely because it was never really used the way it was intended and ignored or misunderstood by the citizenry it was meant to serve. The foggy notion of a better system that a conservative tries to work with isn’t nearly as stimulating or motivating as thinking you are going to “smash the system” that shits on you and be “free”, so we sit here like idiots, asking “What do we do?”, while dying a death by a thousand cuts.

      We will be dealing with some sort of major economic collapse in the near future—we should be looking to exploit it to our advantage, rather than getting scared and frittering about not being able to play with our little toys and be “comfortable”. There is nothing comfortable about what our enemies have in store for us and you can rest assured they will exploit such a catastrophe to the hilt. They are getting brave and we are standing around like jerks, waiting for some sort of brilliant inspiration or savior.

  3. Thanks for re-posting my little comment Ann—and especially for putting a knight in shining armor on a white charger right next to my name!! Not that I deserve it, of course, I know it was meant for Mr. Hohmann, but still…. At least now I have something to tell my (alas, nonexistent) grandchildren……

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