Candace Owens Asks: What Does Black America Want?

“Do we want to be able to point to the white boogeyman?”

This is required watching today!

I heard Ms. Owens speak in person in 2018 and she is a remarkable woman.

Here she is yesterday in a 17 minute video on the Candace Owens Show at Prager University.  Hat tip: Paul

She says what most of you are thinking, but can’t say!

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Changing the subject (a little).

Just now when I went to Merriam Webster to confirm the spelling of ‘boogeyman,’ I was stunned to see this sentence example given for the use of the word.

Are on-line dictionaries fueling the left’s narrative?  It seems so.

Here is a screenshot! Far-right fringe groups!

The link sends readers to a story on conspiracy theories surrounding the death of George Floyd. The article’s author and Merriam Webster want to be sure readers get the message that Soros has had nothing to do with the recent anti-police protest riots.

Recent Examples on the Web?  WTH! Now just for fun, search “boogeyman” on the web and see if the Soros reference even comes up.