President Says He Will Now Halt all Immigration (temporarily)

LOL! I wondered if he listened to my man Jeff:


Here is the news from Conservative Treehouse last night:


Sorry I have been remiss in posting here, but see my posts at RRW on foreign-owned BIG MEAT companies (crooks indeed!), a longtime favorite topic of mine at Refugee Resettlement Watch.   (click on the headlines)

The meat giants lobby for cheap immigrant labor (you support those low wage workers with taxpayer-funded welfare) while they change the character of the American heartland!

Why Do Reporters on the Left Support BIG MEAT Jobs for Immigrants?


Meat Giant JBS Closes Greeley, CO Plant Due to Chinese Virus Outbreak


More Meatpackers-Meet-COVID Horror Stories

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10 thoughts on “President Says He Will Now Halt all Immigration (temporarily)

  1. Some people do not realize that we get thousands of immigrants, refugees from a lot of organizations everyday. I hope that covers all organizations.

    1. And religious organizations get taxpayer funds to help resettle them. This should be stopped for at least a decade.

  2. How could I have said that when there are no comments yet except the one I just did and you deleted it??????

      1. I got an automatic message saying that this was similar to what I had posted before and then they deleted the posting. It was my 1st posting and no one else had posted anything?

        1. Unfortunately I can’t control those notifications, clearly something was screwy, it is a function of the hosting site. That said, longtime readers know that I am slow in screening comments because blogging is not my primary occupation. And, I have to screen because I have standards for comments and people send some dreadful language and personal attacks. So sorry if my slowness is a concern.

  3. Rush has him beat by almost a month and a half. He suggested it at the beginning of March. 🙂

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