Good Summary at Powerline Blog on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Apparent Scam on America

As regular readers know, I have off-and-on reported on the life and times of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, see my archive here.

The folks at Powerline blog have been doing incredible investigative work attempting to unravel Omar’s ‘story’ and thereby demonstrating the enormous value citizen journalists are in this age when the mainstream media ignores evidence that, yes, some ‘new Americans’, are frauds and crooks.

From Scott Johnson at Powerline yesterday (hat tip: Paul):


As I have observed previously in this series, everything about Ilhan Omar is a fraud, including her name. We have seen a plethora of congressional scandals in our history, yet we have never seen scandals like Omar’s in Congress. Here we have something new under the sun.

I would like summarily to set out datapoints supporting the Omar frauds in this almost unbelievable case. Anyone seeking to address the case needs to deal with the following:

Go to Powerline and see over a dozen outstanding concerns Omar refuses to discuss.

Omar is the poster girl for why so many of us are cynical about the refugee admissions program, about Democrats and their hypocrisy, and yes, about the media that refuses to investigate when one of their chosen ones is clearly hiding something!

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3 thoughts on “Good Summary at Powerline Blog on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Apparent Scam on America

  1. Way back during the 2004 election campaign Powerline was the first to expose the fraudulent paper that lied about President George W. Bush’s military service. Dan Rather reported it like the truth, and the expose led to his firing. It’s a stellar and effective blog.

  2. On so many levels, Minnesota is an embarrassment to itself as a State..

    This is a form of ‘secession’ from the United States of America, without due process, or the consent of its citizens..

    From the top of the political, administrative, and law enforcement food chain here in Minnesota, the State of Minnesota is being co-opted, commandeered, and as a result, ‘colonized’, without the advice and consent of the majority of the people of Minnesota.

    We have ZERO representation in our US Congress, and almost zero representation in our own MN State Legislature.

    This is almost a form of political and administrative ‘Checkmate’ today..

    Ilhan Nur Said Elmi Hirsi (aka: Omar) is the perfect living and breathing metaphor, for what has BEEN ALLOWED to happen to this once beautiful and great State. However, she is only one example of, and representative of many, relating to the suicidal path we are on here..

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