Noel, MO Somali National Still on the Loose, ID of Girlfriend Confirmed

I was just running through many of my murder cases that I’ve been following to see if there is any news for me to share (because these cases that don’t fit the politically correct narrative about ‘new Americans’ tend to disappear).

Muhamad- Noel MO
Fugitive! Wanted!

I’m not seeing anything new on the Kenyan Killer (Billy Chemirmir) or the Nigerian charged in the murder of a college coed in Utah, but there is a fresh AP story on the still missing Somali (a former meatpacker)—Mahamud Tooxoow Mahamed—wanted for questioning after allegedly abducting his dead girlfriend’s children.

The children were found safe, but he is still on the run.

My previous post is here.

Sheriff: New evidence confirms ID of Missouri woman’s body

Authorities say dental records and a tattoo support an earlier tentative identification of a body found on a hillside in southwest Missouri.


McDonald County Sheriff Michael Hall said Monday the new evidence suggests the body found July 29 near Noel is that of 25-year-old Jessica McCormack, of Noel. Investigators believe she was stuffed into a suitcase that rolled down a hill after being thrown from a moving vehicle.

Hall tentatively identified the body in August. The Joplin Globe reports Hall said Monday dental records and a tattoo on the body’s left wrist made authorities confident the body was McDonald.

Her boyfriend, 37-year-old Mahamud Tooxoow Mahamed is charged with kidnapping but is a fugitive. Investigators believe he took McCormack’s three daughters to Iowa and left them with a friend before disappearing.

He is on the run from federal charges for the kidnapping, see the US Justice Department press release from one month ago today.

I’m betting he is already out of the country!

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5 thoughts on “Noel, MO Somali National Still on the Loose, ID of Girlfriend Confirmed

  1. While he might very well have illegally crossed into Canada or Mexico, It’s a bit more difficult to take an international commercial flight. Law enforcement will usually post a lookout with all international carriers and they do this very early on in the locate investigation.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, just more difficult for the average person.

  2. I love how you word your speech sometimes, Ann, full of truth and irony (even sarcasm) but completely acceptable. I’m not referring to anything specific but quite often you give me a good chuckle, which is always appreciated 🙂

  3. Since no one left a comment I’ll leave one. I think he’s a moslem. But we’re not suppose to notice.

    1. Almost all Somalis in the US are Muslims, so it goes without saying! Follow links in some of my posts on this case and you will see that the poor woman, the mother of his child, is wearing a Hijab in some photos.

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