Trump: Gotta Problem with America? Go Back and Fix Your Own Country!

That sentiment that got the Open Borders pushers undies in a wad, is a sentiment expressed from time to time over the years at Refugee Resettlement Watch especially as it relates to Somalia.
Why indeed aren’t the well-educated (on the US taxpayer’s dime) and know-it-all Somalis in America going back and doing anything for Somalia and their fellow Africans?

Trump and Omar
The controversy surrounding Trump’s remarks and Omar’s own in-your-face style have gone a long way to educate Americans about Somalis in the US. Keep her talking!

The excuse now of course is the terrorism there thanks to Al-Shabaab, but long before the Islamic terrorists Somalis couldn’t govern themselves because clans squabbled among themselves and corruption was rampant.
The United Nations is finding out the hard way that few want to go to that mess of a country as they try to repatriate Somalis from their huge camp, Dadaab. 
Periodically the Kenyan government threatens to close it because they say it is a hot bed for terrorist organizing and recruiting.
(The US State Department plucked Socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar from Dadaab.)

I’m posting this story to show that Western nations no longer have much interest in ‘welcoming’ Somali refugees to their countries—are they just too much trouble?

UN: Fewer refugees willing to leave Dadaab for Somalia


Insecurity in Somalia is diminishing the numbers of refugees willing to return home from the Dadaab camps in Kenya, the United Nations said recently.

dabaab from the air
Over 200,000, mostly Somalis, live at Dadaab

A total of 84,230 Somalis have taken part in the UN’s voluntary return programme since its inception five years ago.
So far this year, fewer than 1400 have gone back to Somalia under UN auspices.
The Dadaab head count stood at 210,472 at the end of June. That represents a decline of only 84 persons over the past three months.

This is the part I wanted you to see!
Of course up until the Trump presidency we had admitted over 140,000 Somalis to America as refugees.  A vast number of those came to us from this UN camp.  That number doesn’t include all of the other ways Somalis ‘found their way’ here.

Canada and Sweden will take the most this year from Dadaab!

The quota for transfer of Dadaab residents to other countries stands at 975 individuals for all of 2019. Canada is set to receive the largest share of Somali refugees (350), followed by Sweden (300), Australia (200), United Kingdom (75) and the United States (50).
There is thus little chance that the Dadaab complex will soon be emptied of refugees — unless they are forced to leave. But the Kenyan government has pledged to respect the rights of refugees, including safeguards against involuntary repatriation.

More here.
See my previous posts on Dadaab here, and don’t miss the story on UN corruption there. New American Ilhan Omar posts are here.

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  1. Hello, Ms. Corcoran:
    Have you seen the attached news story?
    E. N. Mayfield, Jr.
    On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 6:33 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “That sentiment that got the Open Borders pushers > undies in a wad, is a sentiment expressed from time to time over the years > at Refugee Resettlement Watch especially as it relates to Somalia. Why > indeed aren’t the well-educated (on the US taxpayer’s dime)” >

  2. I live – UNFORTUNATELY – in Minnesota. This place is an unmitigated mess now, with no light at the end of this tunnel..
    Here in Minnesota, this scandal (OMAR or AKA: Ilhan Elmi) has been, and is being covered up by everyone here, including her co-conspirator, now MN Attorney General, Keith Ellison, THEIR MUTUAL AND SHARED Family Law attorney, Carla Kjellberg..
    Minnesota is now engaged in multiple ‘Organized Crime’ activities; the Omar-Elmi matter, being just one of them..
    Then there is the massive theft – IN PLAIN SIGHT – of Hundreds of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars ANNUALLY for the last 10 to 12 years, from various MN DHS programs, and FUNNELED INTO THE HANDS OF SOMALI TERRORISTS, by way of ‘suitcases filled with millions of dollars in cash caught at the MSP Airport, as well as elaborate international wire transfers.. ..and also covered up by our MN AG, our MN Governor, and many MN legislators, and our US Congressional members, representing Minnesota from both sides of the isle here..
    Minnesota is engaged in ‘Racketeering’.. That is the saddest truth, and a state-wide disgrace, emanating from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other areas of power in Minnesota..

  3. If President Trump is seriously going to return these Moslems then I’m all for it. But if he’s just campaigning then he’s building a future case for them wanting quotas or reparations He’s doing nothing but stirring the hornet’s nest They’ve already set themselves into the minority party like they’ve been there since the beginning of American slavery. Have you seen the books where they’re claiming they were the first slaves? I’m serious we’d better act now or face another civil rights era.

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