Frauds and Crooks News Round-up, Volume 3

Back by popular demand is my News Round-up for the last week.  These are stories I found interesting and thought you would too.
And, just fyi, the top post here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ for last week was this one:

Little Laconia, NH has a Murder and the Man Arrested is an Iraqi Refugee


Other stories you might like (click on the title to open the link)….

The Texas Secretary of State wanted to purge the voter rolls of non-citizens but voting ‘rights’ activists defeated his efforts, see how.

Texas Secretary Of State Resigns After Failed Effort To Purge Voter Rolls

Report: High percentage of non-citizens commit crimes.  We knew that and that’s why I write this blog—lots of material!

Non-Citizens Commit 42% Of Federal Crimes, Despite Being Only 7% Of US Population

Wow! So how does this Catholic Cardinal keep his job in light of the Progressive Pope who is the head of the ‘church’ these days?


Another one of those stories that isn’t being reported widely throughout the US! Now LA police are getting Typhoid fever.  Gee, I wonder why?

Union: LA officer gets typhoid fever, 5 others show symptoms

Chuck Jenkins
Maryland sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who has been fighting the fight against illegal immigration in blue, blue Maryland for YEARS, says the President must get the job done on the border ASAP.

Top sheriff warns: Trump’s ‘done’ if illegal immigration isn’t slashed

Open borders activist is standing trial for allegedly harboring illegal aliens.  His fellow activists should be watching this case closely!

U.S. activist tried to ‘shield’ migrants from Border Patrol: prosecutor

Muslim political activists running for elective office in 2020 listed.

Muslims Emboldened: List Of Islamists Looking To “Represent” You in 2020 (Updated)

Excellent article at Human Events:  Conservatives must fight to win! (That is what the Left always does!)  Are you a “peacetime conservative” or a “wartime conservative?”  Find out!

Against Peacetime Conservatism

I haven’t forgotten about Medicare/Medicaid fraud, it is just that the violent crimes committed by ‘new Americans’ have gotten in the way recently.  Here we have the Indian press not shy about reporting the nationality of a crooked doctor in Louisiana.

Indian-American neurologist in Louisiana pleads guilty to health care fraud

Surely you saw Michelle Malkin’s piece on the allegations about Ilhan Omar possibly committing marriage fraud. If not, here it is.

Revoke Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Fraud Immunity Card

And, then this is rich! Omar says Republicans spread misinformation about how the US Refugee Admissions Program works. She says that “ignorance is pervasive” on the subject.
I agree that most Americans have no clue about how people like her got into the US in the first place, but she can’t say that of Minnesota citizens who are very very well-versed in how the program works!

Ilhan Omar on Trump Voters: ‘Ignorance Really Is Pervasive in Many Parts of This Country’

Keep talking Ilhan!  You have a big megaphone! As you speak and bring more attention to the program, you help “educate” Americans about what is wrong with refugee resettlement!
If I come across more stories today that I didn’t get to earlier, I’ll update this Round-up.
Thanks as always to everyone who sends stories my way.

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