Soros Fellowships Awarded to New Americans

If you’ve been following Frauds and Crooks for awhile, you may have noticed that I use the phrase “new Americans” a lot.
That is on purpose because I am trying to demonstrate how the Left controls the language and have in recent years put a warm glow around the phrase “new Americans.”

paul Soros
George Soros big brother Paul died in 2013, but his Fellowships for “New Americans” continues.

The word ‘refugee’ once had a similar aura, but in recent times the word has lost its luster.
Likewise for Progressives, ‘immigrant’ is no longer a respectable term for a foreign person arriving in America (and don’t you dare use ‘alien’ or heads will explode).
So, they have latched on to the words “new Americans” as an all-encompassing phrase that they believe will cause you to open your welcoming arms to the world’s diverse cultures.

However, as I demonstrate daily there are some pretty unsavory “new Americans” among us.
That is a long way around to my news this morning.
Did you know that George Soros had an older (rich also) brother named Paul? 
I didn’t until yesterday (LOL! probably some of you are asking, Ann where have you been?)!

Anyway, the news that caught my eye yesterday was about the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans being awarded to a Pakistani medical student at Harvard reported at the Bronx Times.  No biggie.
You can read all about the Soros fellowships for special people here.  (Not available for old Americans!).
George Soros
Little brother George Soros

But, that led me to want to know more about George Soros’ (aka Schwartz) big brother Paul Soros (aka Schwartz).
We are told that their father, in as early as 1936, was astute enough to change the Hungarian family’s Jewish name to Soros.
There are many stories including this one from the NYT in 1998 that shed some light on who they are.
What I was looking for was the reference to the words “new Americans” and so it seems that in as early as 1998 it was in use at least within the Soros family.

Mysterious arrival in the US

Here is one story that says Paul came to the US in 1948 on a student visa, no mention of defecting?

Here’s the FBI File of Paul Soros, Brother of Billionaire George Soros

Paul (originally Paul Schwartz before the family changed their name in the 1930s as the Nazis swept Europe) fled Hungary in 1948 and came to the United States on a one-year student visa. And according to new documents obtained by Gizmodo, the Albany office of the FBI took notice of Paul’s emigration.


Why was the FBI interested in Paul Soros? We can only speculate. A solid guess might have to do with concerns that he was an agent of the Soviets, since he was coming from Communist-controlled Hungary. But again, that’s only a guess.

Yet, the 1998 NYT story says this,

Paul Soros, like George, grew up in Budapest, a lawyer’s son. When the Communists came to power after World War II, Paul Soros went to Switzerland with the 1948 Hungarian Olympic ski team, defected, made his way to the United States….

Maybe all of the mystery about how the Soros brothers ‘made their way’ to America has been cleared up by researchers, and this is definitely not something I can spend days looking into.
But, maybe it has peaked your interest!
My purpose was to find an early mention of the phrase “new Americans” just to get some idea of how long it has been percolating through the Leftwing’s use of language to change America by changing the people.
I can see the Progressive thinkers and strategists sitting around a table and telling their minions to use the phrase “new Americans” to describe all those migrants/refugees coming to America because it will make uninformed Americans feel less threatened and more welcoming.

What do you do?

I suggest you use the phrase every time a new American is found to be a fraud or a criminal (or a terrorist!).

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5 thoughts on “Soros Fellowships Awarded to New Americans

  1. I used the term “new American” on a post in Las Vegas for a local website for a Summerlin subdivision….I was promptly called a “racist”. I pointed out to the poster that this term refers to illegals….nothing about race.
    The post was in reference to my discovery that the Sheriff has been following “sanctuary city” rules and releasing the illegals (new Americans) into the streets of Las Vegas.For the past 10 months crimes have been soaring in our part of town that was a very nice and upper middle class. area of the city.
    After I found that out, I learned that the City Council is about to vote on Las Vegas being a SANCTUARY CITY! And, people at the state capitol are maneuvering to make NV a sanctuary state….never mind all of this is a violation of United States Federal law.
    NV was a solid Republican state when I left in 2010…when I came back in 2017…all of that had changed.
    After I found out about the Sanctuary City/State plans, I immediately scheduled a household move out of NV in six weeks to a state that as of today, does not have sanctuary cities or regions. I can only pray that doesn’t change. I’m too old to move again.
    This is spreading like cancer across the nation….and now that so many “new Americans” have stolen their way into our country…it’s only going to get worse.

    1. Thanks for the info. After the election last fall I saw a good bit of reporting about how Nevada Leftists were so organized and busy changing the state.

  2. Thanks,Ann. I wish I had known that before I moved back here in 2017. Now I’m leaving back to my home state of TN. Anything you have about the Muslims and ” new Americans” in TN…I’m going to be researching. Carol

    1. A lot of problems in TN too! Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch and type ‘Tennessee’ into the search window. Have written about the state since 2007.

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