Pollster Frank Luntz Says Trump is Fading Fast and Increasingly Irrelevant

“… it’s his own damn fault for the situation that he is in.”

(Frank Luntz, special friend to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy)

That would be the now laughing stock Republican pollster Frank Luntz who Tucker Carlson exposed in a couple of recent segments on his Fox News program.

But, watch Luntz gain relevance as the Leftwing corporate media uses him to bash Trump and any politicians supporting him.

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Tucker Carlson Revelation: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Lives with Creepy Pollster Frank Luntz


The Blaze on the latest wet kisses to Luntz from the anti-Trump media:

Frank Luntz says social media bans are Trump’s ‘own damn fault,’ predicts ‘with every passing month he’ll become less and less relevant’

Longtime Republican pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz slammed Donald Trump on Thursday, predicting his influence would quickly fade and arguing that the former president brought on the bans from various social media platforms by his own actions.

Luntz v. Trump

Luntz made the remarks while speaking on the New York Times podcast, “Sway,” with host Kara Swisher just minutes after Facebook’s oversight board upheld the platform’s decision to restrict Trump’s access following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

During the interview, the pollster claimed that Trump, though at the moment still influential, will never be able to affect politics in the same way given his lack of access to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and his displacement from the Oval Office.

“He’ll never engage in the way he did before, because he simply doesn’t have that capability,” Luntz argued. “He can’t hop on Air Force One. He cannot dominate the news coverage. He can get a sliver of it. And he will continue to do so. He’s not going away.

“That said, it just doesn’t move people the way that it used to,” he continued. “And with every passing month, he’ll become less and less relevant.”

Later in the interview, Luntz proclaimed that “Donald Trump has no one but himself to blame” regarding his indefinite removal from social media platforms.

Is Luntz whispering this to his roomy? 

Apparently in that same interview,  propagandist Luntz says that if Trump keeps saying the 2020 Election was a “Big Lie,” that it was indeed stolen, it will cost the Republicans the House in 2022.

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Why is anyone listening to looney Luntz?  And, especially why would Kevin McCarthy, the wannabe Speaker of the House, be cohabitating with this weirdo?

How on earth can we trust McCarthy’s judgement after you have a look at the video below.

Luntz, a REPUBLICAN (supposedly), has a million dollar replica of the Oval Office in his California home, and brags about using the cost of the remodeling as a tax deduction.

Luntz’s ego seems to be as fat as his head.  (I don’t make a habit of attacking anyone for their looks and lifestyle, but I am making an exception for Luntz.)


By the way, who needs Facebook and Twitter!

You can hear directly from President Trump at his new social media site:  From the Desk of Donald J. Trump Click here.

P.S.  Let me know if you see news about McCarthy moving out of Luntz’s DC pad.

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7 thoughts on “Pollster Frank Luntz Says Trump is Fading Fast and Increasingly Irrelevant

  1. Luntz must think we’re stupid. He thinks if you tell a lie enough times it will become fact. We’ve seen and heard all the experts show us how the Big Steal went down with crooked voting machines. President Trump won….the other side used corruption to declare they won.

    I can’t stand Luntz…he makes my skin crawl.

    Kevin McCarthy lives with him in DC….I will never trust McCarthy again.

    Like my Mother used to say…”you’re known by the company you keep.”

  2. I think everyone knows exactly who is irrelevant here, and it’s not Trump.

  3. I hope Frank Putz takes the vax. All the updates.
    His predictions reading the future are as reliable as all the climate change models we’ve seen over the decades. As useful as every dimocrat doomsday, crystal ball predicter that brings them oodles of cash from wealthy commies desperately gaslighting & propagandizing in search of power, but in typical dimocrat fashion, full of projections of his own failure.


  4. I am not a fan of Trump, I think there are many people in the party that would be better candidates and true Conservatives, but I did reluctantly vote for him twice. McCarthy is NOT a Conservative and could not be trusted in the past nor now as we are finding out. The Republican Party and I am a elected official in the party is either totally ignorant of or complicent in selling out this country.

  5. Mr Luntz is indulging in wishful thinking.Neither Luntz nor his roomie Kevin McCarthy belong in the R party ( which is now headed by The Real President Trump)

  6. Considering pollster’s histories of massive fails, why does Luntz believe that he has any legitimacy or relevance?

    1. Exactly! And, why are Fox News hosts still featuring him as they did on Sunday morning.

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