Smoking Gun in Georgia! Here is how they did it!

You have probably seen the video by now!  But, for those who haven’t I expect your reaction will be the same as mine—this may well be the smoking gun that makes it clear that massive fraud was perpetrated on our country.

The only question is whether law enforcement at the highest levels will get off their butts and investigate.

It is short, it is visual, and there can not be any reasonable explanation for what we are seeing.  Election officials in Fulton County, Georgia told the observers and the press to leave at about 10:30 on election night because they were going to quit counting (due to a lie about a water main break) and resume in the morning.

Under Georgia law counting cannot be done in the absence of observers, but the video clearly shows that as soon as the room was cleared a handful of workers began pulling suitcases of ballots from under a table covered by a black cloth, and began feeding them into the machines.

Christian Broadcasting Network has a story here.

Here you can watch the entire 30 minutes of testimony.  I was surprised that Youtube even had it.  But, note that this has only 331 views, so you might like to help boost that number.

I was especially outraged at the statements made by Senator Elena Parent, chairman of the Georgia Senate Democrats beginning at 18:50 mark in the video above.  She claims all of this has been debunked weeks ago.

Classic moment:  “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” 

Sit down Senator….

However, keep watching and you will see that later another Senator (at 28:43) points out that this is the first public viewing of the video from the security cameras at the State Farm Arena. It could not have been previously debunked as Parent intimates. 

The lie about a water main break is discussed here as well.

See what Democrat Senator Parent tweeted following the hearing.

Here is what I think happened in Georgia and elsewhere:

Trump was so far ahead that the planners of the massive fraud were scrambling to get their bags of fake ballots out of storage. They had to halt the counting (or pretend to halt it) so that no one saw them pulling out those stored ballots. It was all part of a plan, but two things (maybe more) went wrong.

First, they didn’t anticipate needing so many fraudulent ballots thus exposing statistical impossibilities in the vote tallies, and they didn’t count on President Donald Trump fighting so hard with patriotic legal fighters on his side who are not willing to give up.

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3 thoughts on “Smoking Gun in Georgia! Here is how they did it!

  1. All of the voting fraud in NV is real. I am sure it is in MN, AZ, CA, WIS, and IL. Yes, they caught it on tape this time. But the problem is that half the repub party are idiots and want Trump gone. They are killing their own party. I have lost the desire to vote at all because of this.

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