Don't Forget to Visit Refugee Resettlement Watch's Facebook Page!

I’m happy to report that I can now access my old Facebook Page called ‘Refugee Info Resource.’  I know, lousy name, but when I set it up, I couldn’t use some titles I wanted to use.

Ann SPLC art
This is the artwork the Southern Poverty Law Center so kindly produced for me!

After months of being denied access to it (someone else was helping out by posting news there), as of last night I am back up and running.
I posted the Bangladeshis at the border story as a test post and it is up with comments coming in!
Check it out—the page has over 48,000 likes! Like it if you haven’t already!
I’ll use it to post refugee news that I might not mention here at Frauds and Crooks!

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2 thoughts on “Don't Forget to Visit Refugee Resettlement Watch's Facebook Page!

  1. 314 Congolese recently apprehended at the border and none are screened for Ebola. They have been shipped mostly to San Antonio, TX, then sent on to Portland, Maine

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