Frauds and Crooks News Round-Up, Volume 2

Hoping you all had a good Memorial Day weekend!
Here (below) are some stories that I simply didn’t get posted last week. (Click on the title to open the story link.)

And, by the way, the top post of last week here at Frauds and Crooks was this one which was spread widely on facebook,

Texas again: Illegal Alien Admits to Brutal Murder as Grandmother Begged for her Life

First an update on that horrific Nevada murder of three senior citizens (the fourth victim was in the prime of her life) by an illegal alien—story I first posted here in January.

Nevada murder victims
Salvadoran illegal alien on trial for shooting all four in their homes

Judge urged to toss confession in slayings of 4 Northern Nevadans

Virginia: Somali Uber driver found guilty, was a Somali war lord. See my earlier report here.

Virginia Uber driver was Somali war criminal

Brazilian-owned BIG MEAT company, JBS Swift, is getting US government handouts. Long time readers know JBS, headquartered in Greeley, CO, is a big advocate for more immigrant/refugee labor.

Brazilian-based meat packer with local facility under fire for getting $62 million in bailout money

In Michigan (and probably where you live too!) activists are working to push green card holders to proceed with becoming US citizens. Is big push all about 2020? You betcha!

Amid crackdown, immigrants in Michigan applying to become U.S. citizens

Here is a story I missed in March, thanks to a reader for sending it.  Women are dying at the hands of illegal aliens, where are the Democrat champions of women?



Bosnian with baseball bat
Bosnian Slobodan Miljus beat his wife to death with a baseball bat ten days ago.

Las Vegas ‘new American’ from Bosnia beats his wife to death with a baseball bat because she wanted a divorce.  Honor killing?

Woman bludgeoned with baseball bat wanted divorce from husband

Australian asylum seekers attempt suicide.  Worth posting this because there is a brief mention of the Obama dumb deal that Trump honored where we bring Australian-rejected asylum seekers to America as legitimate refugees.

Refugee suicide attempts up on Manus after Australia election

The criminals are making their way back into America!

Previously Deported Rapist Arrested Amongst Group of Migrant Families, Unaccompanied Children

Proving once again that it is best to not rush into permanently resettling ‘refugees’ from squabbling regions of the Middle East, we learn that hundreds of thousands of Syrians are going home.

Nearly 330,000 refugees return home to Syria – Turkey’s Soylu

St. Cloud Somali who threatened to bomb city hall has been acquitted due to mental illness. Hmmmm!  Where have I heard that defense before!

St. Cloud City Hall Threats Suspect Found Mentally Ill

Also from the growing Somali ‘community’ in St. Cloud….


And, last but not least, the Clarion Project earlier this year asked an important question about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and her ‘community’:

If Minnesota’s Somali community elected Ilhan Omar as their representative, we need to to ask: What are the values of the largest Somali community in the Somali diaspora? Did they ever leave Somalia or did they bring Somalia with them?

Ilhan Omar Forces New Conversation on Somali Refugees

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9 thoughts on “Frauds and Crooks News Round-Up, Volume 2

  1. I contacted POTUS at WH contact page, said please have someone keep up with illegal alien crime news at Ann Corcoran’s site’s new category in sidebar “News Round-Up” and I sent link.  News Round-up is great idea!

  2. About the Bosnian fellow who murdered his wife. I live very close to that area here in LV. It is a nice area. It sounds like he might have been Muslim considering he was from Bosnia. That would account for his bad behavior. I wonder also if he was employed and where? I am going to attempt to find out some of these answers.

  3. Afrin is up where the most fighting is taking place.Why would Turkey send 330,000 refugees there?

  4. On Omar, again she side steps the million dollar question, who is she real loyal to and does she
    have duel citizenship? Also in Minnesota, Somalians can go “HOME” get that, for 3 months
    and stay their “RENT”and be charges at first $25.00 a month, now I believe it’s $75.00 a month.
    So how are they even construed as a refugee, at this point? We pay the bills, as taxpayers and
    or kids here struggle. Time to go home and build their country and values, they love and profess
    so much. Didn’t see any, honoring our Memorial Services anywhere in Minnesota last week.

    1. All those here as refugees, as Omar claims she is, have proclaimed that they have a credible fear of being persecuted should they be forced to go “home.” We should have a law that if any ‘refugee’ does return home for a visit that their passport is revoked and they not be allowed to return to America. Going home even briefly tells us they lied in the first place!

      1. I think anyone with reasonable intelligence will agree, your not in danger if you can return for months and year after year. They must really love how uninformed most are?

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