4 thoughts on “Today Please Remember Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for America

  1. Prime Minister Viktor Orban told supporters of his Fidesz party that he would cooperate with everyone in Europe who wanted to halt immigration.
    “The election victory means that … Hungarians gave us the task of … stopping immigration all across Europe,” Orban told cheering fans in Budapest.
    Hungarians wanted Fidesz to “protect Christian culture in Europe” he said.

  2. Ann,First thank you for enlightening all of us i hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day,for all of us if it was not for the fallen soldiers that have served our country we would not have this day to visit with family and picnic and party, I have to remember my fallen brothers that i served with that never had a chance to enjoy this holiday ever again. BillThomas

    1. You are welcome, and yes, it is good that we have this day to remind us of their sacrifice.

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