Imprisoned West Virginia Pharmacist (from Uganda) Ordered to Pay Fine

So, big deal, why bother with a fine when he is in prison and everything he owns has already been repossessed.

David M. Wasanyi

I was interested in this story when I saw it this week in my local newspaper because the creep who was involved in fueling America’s drug epidemic didn’t look like a local.
He isn’t, but it took a little searching to find out more about DR. DAVID MUSISI WASANYI (he is referred to as David M. Wasanyi in the many news accounts of this ‘new Americans’ crimes).
Although I didn’t have enough interest to go much further after I discovered in court papers that he is from Uganda, I will venture a guess that his pharmacist degree isn’t even legit.
I didn’t see any media mention that the convicted creep is an immigrant, a new American, who is now costing US taxpayers a bundle for his incarceration.  And, I didn’t see a word about deportation either.

First here is the news from the Herald Mail,

Eastern Panhandle pharmacist ordered to pay more than $335K for filling fake prescriptions

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A former Eastern Panhandle pharmacist was ordered Monday to pay $335,670 in civil penalties for filling prescriptions in violation of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell said.
David M. Wasanyi, 50, was a pharmacist at City Pharmacy in Martinsburg and at a second location in Charles Town, W.Va.
Wasanyi currently is serving consecutive sentences of five to 75 years and three to 11 years in state prison in connection with convictions related to filling the prescriptions. [If you look at previous news accounts, he did one heck of lot of drug dealing and these sentences reflect that.—ed]
The prison sentences were imposed in 2016 in Berkeley County (W.Va.) Circuit Court after Wasanyi was found guilty of two counts of delivery of diazepam and one count of delivery of buprenorphine in one case, and 13 counts of delivery of a controlled substance, including oxycodone, methadone and alprazolam, in a second case.
City Pharmacy filled 1,181 invalid prescriptions between 2010 and 2015 for controlled substances written by physicians in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia for patients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia, according to a news release from Powell’s office.
All of the purportedly fraudulent patients traveled great distances to have the illegitimate prescriptions filled, most of them by Wasanyi, Powell said.

Then get this from the West Virginia judge.  He (Wasanyi) didn’t add much fuel to the WV opioid crisis because his dangerous and illegal practice involved drug-users and dealers in other states!

“There is little doubt that the (opioid) crisis in West Virginia is tragic and widespread,” he wrote. “There is also little evidence that these drugs were used or sold in West Virginia since the purchasers appear to have come from outside West Virginia.”

As I said, it took a little time (not a lot!) to find out that Wasanyi is an immigrant (aka new American) from Uganda.  See this Appeals Court case where his race and nationality are discussed because apparently there were no black jurors on one of his trials (I didn’t care enough to find out the details of the appeal.)
One more case where a ‘new American’ entrepreneur we ‘welcomed’ to America rips us off and we get to pay for his/her jail time to boot!
By the way, see my tag for “Pharmacies.”  I had no idea that so many Pharmacists were crooks!

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  1. With only 12% of Uganda’s population being muslim It’s as if they already own the country.”When Idi Amin, a Ugandan Muslim, became president in 1971, his presidency seemed to be a victory for Uganda’s Muslim community. Then in 1972, Amin’s expulsion of Asians from Uganda reduced the Muslim population significantly. As his administration deteriorated into a brutal and unsuccessful regime, Uganda’s Muslims began to distance themselves from those in power.
    After Amin’s overthrow in 1979, Muslims became the victims of the backlash that was directed primarily against the Kakwa and Nubian ethnic groups who had supported Amin. Yusuf Lule, who served a brief term as president from 1979 to 1980, was also a Muslim (and a Muganda). He was not a skillful politician, but he was successful in reducing the public stigma attached to Islam.
    In 1989, President Yoweri Museveni appealed to Uganda’s Muslim community to contribute to national reconstruction, and he warned other Ugandans not to discriminate against Muslims. But at the same time, Museveni admonished Ugandans to avoid “sectarian” allegiances, and this warning was directed at the Islamic community as well as other ethnic and religious groups. “

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