A Review: Two Months in at Frauds and Crooks!

It’s been two months and a day since I Welcomed you to my new blog!  Thanks to all of you who follow my writing!

Ann SPLC artwork
This is the artwork the SPLC paid someone to create when they put me on one of their hate lists!  I figure it is mine!

As you know I got tired and bored writing mostly about the US Refugee Admissions Program at RRW for over 11 years (over 9,000 posts archived there!), and frankly don’t see any serious reform for that flawed program on the horizon.***
I just checked the refugee admissions data for this fiscal year and see that, yes, the numbers are low, but with a big spike in the last month.
Also, we know that the Trump State Department has funded all nine resettlement contractors when we previously had heard that at least two were going to be cut loose from the federal dole.
All nine will still exist (ready and waiting!) to make up for what they will say are the Trump lost years whenever a new president is elected.
Then yesterday we learned that the administration has extended temporary refugee protection for Haitians, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Sudanese and the Catholic religious Left activists are overjoyed!
I’m telling you all this not to discourage you, but to encourage you to shift gears a bit and figure out what else you can do for America.
You can still be a supporter of President Trump, but you must be willing to be vocal and tell him when he goes wrong! 

Back to Frauds and Crooks…..

My thinking in creating this new blog is that I believe all of us (or at least most of us), no matter where you are on the political spectrum, do not want to be ripped-off!
We are stuck with our American cheats and criminals, but it is especially outrageous to be scammed and defrauded by ‘new Americans!’

Progress Report: https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/image/tfna_progress_report_final_12_15_15.pdf

For new readers if you are wondering about my use of the phrase ‘new Americans’ it goes back to the Obama years when the president was promoting his White House Task Force on New Americans, here.
Of course the phrase ‘new Americans’ had been around before Obama began promoting it about five years ago, but you will now see it used widely as the Left’s way of lumping all migrants to America (legal and illegal) together by referring to them all as ‘new Americans.’
That is just one of many ways the Left controls the language, so I see my job as taking away some of the positive glow they are trying to surround all immigrants with when they use that phrase.
We are told in the biased media that we must welcome all (no matter whether they are good people or bad). No discernment allowed goes the theory or be prepared to be called a racist and a hater (as the Southern Poverty Law Center says of me).
And, finally, I admit, this blog is much more fun to write because there is so much more material available!
So far I’ve written 104 posts!  I know that many of you see my posts in your e-mails, but it’s a good idea to visit the blog itself from time to time.  (Sorry again to those of you who have for some strange and unexplained reason been unable to subscribe.)
In the right hand sidebar, you can see which posts are ‘trending.’  You will also see I am building categories in which posts are archived by subject so that later you can look back at all posts that are in that category.
I’m tagging by state so we can find out someday which one has the most frauds, crooks and criminals!
My twitter feed is there too, but I have to admit it is easy to get discouraged at twitter because every time I come close to reaching a new ‘follower’ milestone, it is as if they have some algorithm that stops my momentum and they begin removing followers.  I teeter between 15.2 thousand and 15.3 thousand and have languished there for months if not a year.
Because some of you have asked, I’ve added a donation button to the right hand sidebar.
At the end of many posts you will see something like this (with a question mark):

question markSo what can you do? First, don’t get discouraged!  Find your small place in the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement (Trump or no Trump) and work at it every day.  I have to hand it to the progressives, to the Left, they plug away at their goals, day after day, year after year to change America.  We have to be more like them in that regard.  But, to survive, because it isn’t in our nature to be manipulative, make sure that what you choose to do is sustainable and fun (in a weird sort of way).

***I didn’t really take any break between writing RRW and launching Frauds and Crooks, but wrote for another publication under a pen name.
Addendum: I’m going to try a little harder to use my facebook.  I got disgusted with them when in order for me to post on my Refugee Resettlement Watch facebook page, they demanded a screenshot of my drivers license!  Who would send facebook their drivers license?  Not me!
I see a co-administrator is still posting there, check it out!

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22 thoughts on “A Review: Two Months in at Frauds and Crooks!

  1. Keep up the good work. You are writing on topics that the main stream press is afraid to touch.

  2. I appreciate all your hard work & research to make this new site a success!

  3. Thank you Ann for all you do. I’ve put the White House contact in a “Do daily” bookmark to remind him how control of migration was a large part of how he was elected and to point out items from your blog posts too.

    1. It is still there with 9,000 posts! I am sure there is more to learn—heck there is so much information there that I’ve forgotten. Everyone, use the search window at RRW, start with typing in your state, and I will guarantee that there is information you never heard before!

  4. Interestingly the term ‘New Australians’ has been used for years downunder to describe then legal migrants. However even that began to be labelled ‘paternalistic’ and ‘demeaning’ by some leftist activists, so it’s largely fallen into disuse, certainly among younger peole.

    1. Very interesting! Here it is very definitely meant to lump them all together—legal and illegal. So is there a general term for immigrants (other than immigrants) in Australia? What does the Left call them all?

  5. I thought you indicated this would spotlight legal white and black Americans. I sent you a piece about an recent arrest of an African American with 20M tax scam, and you do not publish it. Certainly there have been other crimes committed by Americans in the last two months. I recognize you have a agenda but you did indicate this would not be strictly a a nti refugee and immigrant blog As my interest is refugees, you ignore the fact that most likely 98% of refugees are non problems. i am guessing that almost all your readers are not interested in fixing issues and would prefer we take no immigrants and refugees. I do accept the fact that we do have issues most particularly in the Somali community.

  6. The left tend to blur any distinctions these days where nationalities are concerned. They’re either called ‘migrants’ or ‘asylum seekers’ if they snuck in by boat although we all know that the blanket terms is overly misused. Iranians make up the majority, although Iran is not at war with any other country. It may not be a very nice country to live in but that’s hardly a rationale for ‘seeking aslyum’. Most young Iranians are draft dodgers which is a dog of another colour. Today’s news in fact, identifies at least 68 Iranian males on Manus and Nauru as paedophiles, drug dealers, murderers or other criminal types according to our security agencies’ report to Parliament.

  7. Ann, thank you for doing what must feel like a thankless politically incorrect job of keeping us informed. FakeNews really is propaganda when one knows the truth and you are a truth teller. Anyway, I found you at RRW back in the early part of Obama’s 2nd term when I was struggling to understand what the heck was going on in America. I was baffled by seeing so many middle eastern immigrants in the heartlands of our country and finding your site totally red pilled me. As you’ve always said, you change America by changing the people and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for FAR longer than anyone realizes. I’ve watched in horror as the invasion has been allowed, no make that assisted, in happening in Europe by the policies of the unelected bureaucrats of the EU who before Trump were working hand in hand with our elected officials. Though our President Trump is not perfect, he knows and he’s trying almost single handedly to fix a broken and thoroughly corrupted system. For any forward progress, I am thankful and grateful to him and other great patriots like you who are brave enough to speak the truth.

    1. Thanks so much for your words of support and encouragement! As someone once said: Alas, knowledge is a burden!

  8. Ann, just found your new site. I am encouraging people to get to work in their states. Trump is just one person with the entire swamp against him. I am encouraging people to get involved against voter fraud. I live in a red state but we have a Democrat Secretary of State who had Hillary into campaign for her. There were some obvious problems with the 2016 election I won’t get into but experience personally. Then I noticed in the midterms they had just patch some very menacing poll watchers 2 typically Republican precincts. I was so concerned with how much chaos and confusion they were sowing I demanded to write down my ballot number. When I went to talk to the precinct judge he looked as bewildered as everyone else.
    Since this person Alison lundergan Grimes is from a Democrat dynasty family in our state, I doubt much will happen but she is under current investigation.
    everyone needs to call their board of elections or whoever else is in charge and let them know that you are watching very closely. Stop trusting your government!!!!
    on another score get actively involved with school choice. Every bit of this is an education problem. Big government wants ignorant citizens who have no clue about the responsibilities that come with rights.
    remind the left daily that we cannot clean up the planet until we clean up our communities. Don’t back down. They are not used to being talked back to.

  9. I find the WordPress very hard to navigate and after subscribing to Refugee Watch, it’s taken me ages to see how to get over from there to fraudscrookscriminals. Not sure I can figure how to subscribe to the latter.

    1. You will see a place to subscribe in right hand sidebar at Frauds and Crooks frontpage: https://fraudscrookscriminals.com/
      But now you have the link for Frauds and Crooks, save it, and come back every day or so to see what is new (if you don’t subscribe).

  10. You’re only partly right! it was the deplorable idiots whose forefathers came through Ellis Island
    who are so stupid they made America stop being great and they need to be deported.

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