California: Hispanic Man Ties Up Lost Dog, Kicks it Like a Soccer Ball

So typical! After being alerted to this story by reader Lisa, I searched around to see what other news outlets were saying about this horrific story and not one that I found mentioned whether the creep was illegally in the US.

Screenshot (27)
Jose Manuel Pantoja Ledesma

Oh, they mentioned that he was homeless (sniff!) and that he was likely under the influence of drugs (cry me a river!), but nothing about his immigration status.
And, this is the cultural enrichment migrants bring to America!
Hey Nancy is he one of your “newcomers?”
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Pelosi: We Want all Newcomers Voting!

For those of you who follow immigration issues, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments this past week are no surprise.  The only surprise might be that she is so ‘honest’ about why the Dems are for Open Borders.

 Making America more American? Or, when the worship of diversity bites!  Pelosi with Rep. Ilhan Omar.

While most of us led our lives, went to work, raised our children, the Democrat/Socialist activists got up every day and worked tirelessly to quietly change America by changing the people.
Their work is now bearing fruit while we play catch-up.
John Binder writing at Breitbart tells us what we already know—New Americans vote for Democrats—but his story from Thursday is a must read.
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