Canada: Fraud Allegations could Jeopardize Trudeau’s Re-election Bid

In January the BBC outlined three issues (immigration is one issue!) that could cause Canadians to rethink their support for the progressive boy wonder.

But, here comes a fourth that has become fodder for the conservative opposition as Canadians vote later this year for a prime minister.


Scheer and Trudeau
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer (left) has called on Trudeau to resign!
The scandal involves big money, bribery charges, the resignation of top aides and Libya.

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Federal Trade Commission Reports Top Frauds for 2018

This isn’t a juicy frauds and crooks story like some I’ve reported lately, but it is a useful one sent to me by a reader.

FTC logo

The FTC last week reported a summary of what kinds of consumer frauds were trending and tells us which states are the most fraud-ridden (or at least the states where in 2018 people reported that they had been defrauded).

And get this…..

There was a 38% jump in the amount of money lost to fraud in 2018 over 2017, says the FTC!

Learn which states are the worst for consumer fraud and where to report this type of fraud!

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