SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns! Good Riddance!

….allegations of discrimination in “mission-driven” organizations, which suffer from the same problems they purport to fight, can be especially painful. [ya think!]

(Tina Tchen)

However, Cohen’s departure is not the end of the hateful Southern Poverty Law Center as the board has hired former Michelle Obama chief of staff, Tina Tchen, to investigate so that the board can try to clean up the mess.

Tchen with FLOTUS and POTUS: “I am honored to be asked by SPLC to do this work,” Tchen said. “I have admired it from afar for many years. It’s an important civil justice institution in our country.”

Most days I get up eager to hit the keyboard with the latest frauds, crooks and cons stories, but today I am especially excited.
When my feet hit the floor (and with coffee in hand), I couldn’t wait to share the news about the internal chaos at the SPLC!
The first shoe to drop, a little over a week ago, was when the SPLC announced it had fired its founder Morris Dees who was the brains behind the money-making scams the organization has run for decades, I said then that Cohen should go since he was in charge of the organization on a day-to-day basis.
The next shoe to drop was the New Yorker story by Bob Moser a former staffer who said, we (employees who knew about the hypocrisy involving the SPLC’s internal and on-going issues with racial tensions and sexual harassment) were part of the “con.”

And, here comes the third shoe!

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