California: Hispanic Man Ties Up Lost Dog, Kicks it Like a Soccer Ball

So typical! After being alerted to this story by reader Lisa, I searched around to see what other news outlets were saying about this horrific story and not one that I found mentioned whether the creep was illegally in the US.

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Jose Manuel Pantoja Ledesma

Oh, they mentioned that he was homeless (sniff!) and that he was likely under the influence of drugs (cry me a river!), but nothing about his immigration status.
And, this is the cultural enrichment migrants bring to America!
Hey Nancy is he one of your “newcomers?”

Here is the news at the Orange County Register from earlier this past week,

Homeless man in Santa Ana charged with binding a lost dog with wires, kicking it

SANTA ANA — A transient probationer was charged Tuesday with binding a runaway Chihuahua and repeatedly kicking the dog in Santa Ana.
Jose Manuel Pantoja Ledesma, 28, is being held without bail and is due in court this afternoon for arraignment on a single felony count of cruelty to animals for allegedly wrapping a bungee cord around the dog’s throat and chest and binding his legs with electrical wires.

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Little “Max” is 13-years-old!

A woman taking out the trash at a business about 10:20 p.m. Sunday saw a man — later identified as Pantoja — kicking the dog at 431 E. First St., Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna alleged.
“She yells at him to stop but realizes he’s probably on drugs and shouldn’t do this so she calls us and gives us details,” he said. “When we got there, he’s standing over the dog and we took him into custody.”
The dog was rushed to the Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic to be treated. He has since been reunited with his owners, who reported their 13-year-old pet, Max, had gotten out of their yard when someone left the gate open, Bertagna said. Max has been with the family since he was a puppy, Bertagna said.

Jose was already on probation on ‘assault with force’ charges.  At this point in the story we should be hearing about his immigration status.  But, of course, this is California.

Court records show that Pantoja pleaded guilty to a felony charge of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury on Nov. 16 in a plea deal in which a robbery charge was dropped. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and a year in jail, according to court records.  [So why wasn’t he in jail?—ed]

Sick, sick, sick! Anyone willing to do this to an animal is one step away from violence against us.
And, where is PETA?  Do they have a position on cultural insensitivity in regard to animal abuse I wonder?

question-mark-1Help spread this story around in social media—the abuse is bad enough, but we are entitled to know the immigration status of every criminal reported by the mainstream news media (even in California)! And, until we are informed about immigration status and nationality, I’m assuming this Hispanic man is here illegally.
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4 thoughts on “California: Hispanic Man Ties Up Lost Dog, Kicks it Like a Soccer Ball

  1. To answer your question “where is PETA”. PETA, H$U$, A$PCA and any and all of the other “Animal Rights” orgs don’t give a flying fig about the plight of animals unless it is a money maker for them. This isn’t a big enough story to do a fund raiser, to get people to commit to $19 a month. Their retirement fund & six figure salaries won’t be enhanced by this poor little dog.

  2. I bet when word gets out to the liberals they will be outraged -as opposed to when newcomers do it to a human. But they will make excuses for his behavior like mental illness or poverty etc.

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