York, PA: Wealthy Muslim Found Guilty of Medicaid/Food Stamp Fraud

medicaid fraudThe latest news in the case of 68-year-old Nagy Mohamed Abdelhamed ripping off the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and the US is here at the York Dispatch.
But as is so often the case with these crooks, in order to illustrate the news the media must use graphics and stock images like the one I’m using because there is NO PHOTO of the perp to be found!

York man guilty, defrauded feds of about $30K in Medicaid benefits

A York-area man scammed the U.S. government by fraudulently accepting nearly $30,000 in Medicaid and food stamps despite owning a gas station and having some $86,000 tucked away in eight bank accounts, according to federal officials.

This made me laugh! Creeping Sharia tells Abdelhamed’s story and illustrates it with this image!  https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2019/01/02/muslim-medicaid-fraud/

Nagy Mohamed Abdelhamed, 68, no street address provided, pleaded guilty Tuesday, Feb. 5, to felony health-care fraud in Harrisburg’s federal court, according to court records.
In August 2014 Abdelhamed applied for Medicaid as well as food stamps, which are now called Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.
He didn’t disclose in the application the fact that he owned a four-bedroom home, a York-area gas station and a 2008 Mercedes Benz E350, his federal indictment states.
On disability too: He also was already receiving $1,124 a month in Social Security disability benefits and, at the time, had about $56,000 in eight separate bank accounts, according to the indictment.
In his Medicaid/SNAP application, he lied and said he had no monthly income and owned no property besides his home, the indictment states. He also failed to disclose the money in his bank accounts or his Mercedes, officials said.

More here.
The Justice Department’s press release is here.

question markWhat should you do? Every time you see a story in a local publication or on the local news that does not show a photo (or mention the nationality) of the perp, contact the news desk and ask why there is no photo and what is his/her immigration status.  I know it’s unlikely they will produce one (or have any clue where the ‘new American’ is from), but it sends a signal that you notice their little tricks.


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2 thoughts on “York, PA: Wealthy Muslim Found Guilty of Medicaid/Food Stamp Fraud

  1. Well Yes! But if these fraudsters and criminals didn’t steal from the Government, how could they finance their offspring to enable them to become political representatives in the American political system? Talk about making a whip for your own back – Americans are becoming masters of this ‘self-flagellation’ – which of course is an Islamic convention. I suppose the excuse used by Americans will be that they find it difficult, because they are so grossly overweight, to get off their butts to go and vote. You are getting what you deserve – exactly the same as Europe. DOPES!

  2. This PROVES the government does little, if any, vetting of some people on welfare. If you are a preferred ethnicity, no problem… the check is in the mail.
    I know of people who are not the preferred ethnicity who have been denied ‘eligibility’, when the need is clearly apparent. (medical physical disablement)
    Guessing tens of millions in fraud is collected every year due to the lack of simple background or credit checks for those preferred ‘customers’.

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