Minneapolis: Open Borders Agitators Organized and Active

On January 24th, a Minneapolis government employee led a public forum entitled “Immigrant Moral Witness, Moral Action.” 
I’m posting this for a couple of reasons. First, to show you once again how the Open Borders (really I should call them No Borders) activists are working to control the language.  The implication is that if you don’t agree with them, you are somehow immoral!
And, of course they are again trying to get the media and you to think about all immigrants (legal and illegal) as “New Americans.”
But, more importantly I want you to see that they are organized and have tips for the types of actions they want citizens to take. Are you getting organized?
From the MinnPost:

10 things you can do right now to help immigrants and refugees in Minnesota and beyond

Michelle Rivero
Rivero works for the taxpayers of Minneapolis at the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs:  http://www.minneapolismn.gov/ncr/oira/index.htm

At last week’s “Immigrant Moral Witness, Moral Action” forum at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, Michelle Rivero wrapped up her presentation by talking about the importance of speaking out with love. Given her experience as an immigration attorney and as Minneapolis’ first-ever director of the newly created Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA), Rivero said it was an emotional but necessary bit of information shared amid the rest of the night’s topics. Rivero expanded on her comments for MinnPost, and provided some nuts-and-bolts information for anyone interested in helping out in the face of how the federal government is treating asylum seekers and would-be new Americans.
“I strongly feel that if you are advocating for a position, it’s important to do so with sincerity, with honesty, with humility. If an issue is very important to you, and obviously immigration is very important to me, I think the more that we can all do to convince people of why the path that we feel we should be on is the right path, the better off we’ll be as a society. And I think when you do that with sincerity, even people who disagree with you, you can find commonalities with.

Now here (below) are Rivero’s ten tips for Minnesotan Open Borders activists. (It isn’t just more Somalis they are looking for!).
Read the whole MinnPost article for details because it will give you information you can use if your goal is to see immigration to the US (and to Minnesota) brought under control.  Knowledge is power!
1. Give money to organizations and causes.
2. Be a vocal advocate for the causes you support.
3. Support an organization working to provide support to asylum seekers at the border
4. Pay immigration bonds.
5. Learn about what your city is doing regarding immigration-related issues and ask how you can partner.
6. Send local immigration attorneys to the border.
7. Support the work of Clues and other social service organizations.
8. Be informed on immigration issues and issues that touch immigrants.
9. Support MIRAC (Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee).
10. Support Release MN8.
Read it all, here.

question markIt is one thing to read news on the internet and to watch cable news, but are you talking to those around you and getting politically organized? They are!
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7 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Open Borders Agitators Organized and Active

  1. Minnesota already has approximately 150,000 illegal immigrants here, and according to FAIR, costing Minnesota taxpayers upwards to a net/net $1 Billion Dollars annually..
    It is so easy to spend other people’s money (productive result) isn’t it?
    Then we have the “Refugee Resettlement Program” costing untold millions lost ANNUALLY due to DHS mismanagement (intentional it would appear) uncontrolled theft of $600 to $700 MILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS or LONGER, on top of the questionably legit cost for these new not-so-much-for-assimilating residents of Minnesota. (Minnesota has the largest population of Somali’s in the entire world, outside of Somalia)
    …It’s like a little clue isn’t it?
    In the past 3.5 years, $65 Billion Dollars of personal wealth has exited Minnesota PERMANENTLY, with more on the way after last November 6th.. (See: The Great Wealth Migration) Businesses, like Electrolux and others are doing the same..
    Thus, who is going to pay the tab for this person’s FEELINGS about her new Americans?…who really are not interested in much more than becoming more than a burden on America – and Minnesota in particular?
    Maybe what we need now is a mandatory Psych Eval for anyone taking any oath of office here in the land of wishful thinking, and dreamy-eyed Marxist-Socialists, who seem to be good at one thing only…spending other people’s production – other people’s money – and other people’s finite time on this earth, while they line their pockets with power and money at the expense of all of the rest of us…
    Minnesota is dying as a result of all of this and more.. Our best and brightest are leaving (middle-class-candidates), right along with the productive class, who are either dying off, or bugging out as well, and being replaced by a parasitic class of poorly educated, lazy, scammers and “grifters”, and people like this Rivero character with a newly made-up-fake taxpayer funded gig, and on the delivery side of the government-hog-trough.. ..TAX JUNKIES ALL…
    Can you say present day Detroit?
    Good luck to all of you, because, after 46 plus years as a volunteer Minnesotan, I am getting of this “Titanic” as well. My children and grandchildren are now considering an exit strategy as well..

    1. This child care scam is going on in Australia too. Is there an organization that is teaching them how to work the system?

      1. By the way, I have long wondered if there is training internationally on how to scam the US food stamp system. Maybe there is some worldwide hidden site that trains people to scam gullible westerners! (I’m only half joking!).

  2. PS…I also posted my comment on MinnPost.. I will be shocked if they allow the comment..

    1. I was correct.. They refused to post my comment.. It’s Minnesota…

  3. Islamism is hate based political doctrine, NOT religion.
    Judeo / Christian religions assist poor, provide nutritional support, provide medical care.
    They do seem to support LGBT persons’ healthcare: throw them from rooftops.
    Muslims construct / refurbish Mosques that respect only SHARIA law, NOT OUR Constitutional law.
    2020 is just around the corner: vote conservative / ANTI-SOCIALIST candidates to ensure
    our American values remain… American.

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