Fight Back! Use Your Buying Power to Flex Your Political Muscles!

As much as we might hate it, they are pushing us to it!

Surely you are following the front page news about how big woke corporations are increasingly backing a Socialist political agenda.

You would have to be living under a rock to not know what Major League Baseball is doing to hurt the economy of Atlanta, Georgia with Coca Cola and Delta and United Airlines in on the bullying.

They are still after Mike Lindell

And, yesterday I saw news that they are continuing to go after Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, calling him an “insurrectionist” because he believes there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election (and there was!).

(See my previous posts tagged Mike Lindell and efforts by the Democrat Socialists to destroy his business.)

From Business Insider:

More than 100,000 people sign a petition urging Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers to pull MyPillow’s products

They likely found 100,000 fake people like they found hundreds of thousands of fake voters!


A petition urging retailers including Walmart and Amazon to stop selling products from MyPillow, whose CEO, Mike Lindell, keeps pushing voter-fraud conspiracy theories, has hit 100,000 signatures.

Lindell told Insider on Thursday that at least 22 retailers had cut ties with his pillow company since January, including Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond— but MyPillow’s products are still selling on the websites of some retailers, including Walmart and Amazon.

The petition urges retailers to stop selling MyPillow’s products. Its description says: “We will not support funding insurrectionists!”

More here.

If you are a fan of Gateway Pundit as I am, see that you can use a special code to get a great break on your next order at My Pillow.

I can vouch for those great dog beds as our big dog had previously destroyed his beds (plural) until we purchased our MyPillow dog bed!

As hard as it is going to be we are going to have to become politically savvy shoppers.

After all, there are millions of us.  I have already quit Walmart and have cut way back on Amazon.  I will be sad to say goodbye to Sam’s, but that will be next.

I couldn’t find a list of the 22 businesses that are attempting to destroy Christian entrepreneur Mike Lindell, but here are 18 (Sam’s makes 19).

Dollar General
Mattress Firm
Bed Bath & Beyond
TSC/The Shopping Channel
Kinney Drugs
Colony Brands

Okay, so Walmart (Sam’s soon) out of my life, I figured I would be back full time to a local grocery store, the Giant Foods chain that includes Martin’s where I live, that is,  until reader Cathy sent me this story.

If this appears in Martin’s, I am done there too!

From the Right Scoop last month on shame shopping….

Major grocery store goes WOKE, now labeling products as ‘black-owned’, ‘hispanic-owned’, LGBT-owned, etc…


I wonder what the conservative Trump-supporting Goya Foods CEO thinks about this. Does anyone know?

I know it is going to make our lives a little harder as we give up companies that are working against America First, but head on out and find local stores in which to spend your money.

Over the years I’ve spent more than a few bucks on garden supplies and bird seed, but will never do it again at Walmart.  There are locally owned small garden centers that will be getting my money from now on.

Got tips?

Be sure to tip us off if you know of other major chains which are using their money (our money!) to promote Socialist state/federal government and bully conservatives into submission.

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7 thoughts on “Fight Back! Use Your Buying Power to Flex Your Political Muscles!

  1. My tip would be at moronic places like Giant, DISCRETELY take down the labels off the shelves and throw them away. (So you cannot be accused of “stealing” them.) If they have to keep replacing the tags on the shelves maybe they’ll quit with such foolishness!

    1. Now that is an idea! Although I bet there are surveillance cameras going everywhere!

  2. Thanks so much for putting this list together. I will pass it on!

  3. Changing buying habits (boycotts) is a good idea, but that action takes awhile to show up on a corporation’s quarterly reports;

    The vast majority of these corporatist-managed companies are publicly traded… SELL YOUR HOLDINGS. This is exactly the perfect time for another ‘GameStop moment’.
    DUMP YOUR STOCK… this will affect WALL STREET… and the corporate muckety-mucks will pay more attention to that than anything. A good portion of their compensation relies on STOCK PERFORMANCE…. so dump their stock, drive down the share price.

    That will have an immediate effect. Overnight.
    Happy selling!

  4. Okay. Everyone calm down.
    Let me show everyone what is going on.
    What were Obama’s favorite sayings: ” IN CHAOS THERE IS OPPORTUNITY” and “DIVIDE AND CONQUER.”

    I think everyone can agree that the Obama/Soros/Biden Cabal have now separated us by race, class, religion, political, etc.

    I never heard the word “race” this much in 50 years….now we are here in 2021 and that word is said more times than any other word other than “woke”.

    There is no generic racism except for those using it as a tool to take over every aspect of our lives….like Communist Countries. And, we’re letting them because we are falling for it.

    The ones calling everything racism – a “dog whistle” for people to react to – and turn against each other. I haven’t heard the “N” word for Blacks in many, many years, nor the word “chink” for Asians, nor the word “spic” for Hispanics. Yet, today we are on the brink of going back to it as frustrations rise…spurred on by people who have a horrific goal for our country. Total control of us and everything.

    While we are spinning around in fear we aren’t watching the “man behind the curtain” like in Oz. The only people we should be scared of…are the ones who are manufacturing ALL OF THIS TERROR, RACISM, AND PITTING US AGAINST EACH OTHER.

    Let me remind you who are behind the curtain:
    George Soros: Born George Schwartz, a Jew , born in Hungary. His father taught him to despise his own people. He changed his name and as a young teen was a spy for the Nazis, to find Jews for Hitler and was payed to find where they were hiding from Hitler and was responsible for many thousands to the death camps. That is the basis of wealth.
    In 1961 he got a dual citizenship with America. In an interview with Barbara Walters…on TV he said he despised America and is committed to destroying America.
    He is in league with the Clintons, Obamas and many other anti-Americans here.

    He should be in Gitmo by now…or deported…or shot.

    Barrack Husain Obama: Born to an America woman who came from a split family. half Communist/Marxist AND AMERICANS. Father is a Black/Arabian/African….whose sole jobs have been to start wars and divide people so his group can rule. His maternal grandmother is a rabid Marxist in Hawaii.
    His “public” story is he was born in Hawaii…..the paternal grandmother is in Africa and in a live interview with a BBC reporter -which I was watching on Good Morning America when Obama was first running for Pesident-this reporter was standing out side her hut…she said he was born there with all members of the family present in the room. I remember almost dropping my coffee.

    The reporter nearly dropped his mic as he looked back at the cameraman in a panic of what he should do. I can’t un-see it in my mind to this day.
    Sheriff Arpiao and his international investigation team investigated Obama’s birth certificate that it took Obama 3 years to turn it over, and he proved that Obama was not born in Hawaii as Obama claimed. The birth Certificate was a fake.

    For his efforts, Soros donated over one million dollars to the guy running for Arpiao’ Sherriff slot and he beat Arpiao. Arizona has gone done hill ever since. Again, engineered by Soros. Soros is also responsible for giving us Obama.

    Lastly, Biden…he’s been in our Government for something like 40 years …. without having accomplished anything of note. He is what both parties call “a useful idiot”.

    Biden’s entire family has been involved for decades in corruption with whatever foreign government is willing to pay them for “influence.” Their wealth comes from selling out America. He’s also a molester of women and girls…if your uncle did what he has done, he would be in prison for a long time.

    He has had 2 aneurysms that have left him WHAT YOU SEE NOW…but people close to him make too much money to get him out of the limelight and in a prison rest home.

    Ironic that he has used people – at our expense – to enrich him, his family, and his other corrupt “friends”. His wife, the fake “doctor”, is in on it as well…she’s there for the stature and limelight.

    Anyone listening to him and watching him would have already put him to “pasture” years ago.

    So, dear friends…this is who has been in charge for decades…..why would we let them lead us around by the nose with fear…
    It’s time for them to be afraid of the American people. Don’t cower and cringe in fear….they are the criminals……not us.

    Here is a question for a litmus test: If you were standing on a corner waiting for a light change…there is a child, an old man or woman, a teenager standing near you…and they are distracted and started to step out in ongoing traffic….would you instinctively act and quickly pull them back to safety? Even if there was a chance you might be harmed?
    If you answered “YES” ….THEN YOU ARE NOT A RACIST!

    There are very few people in our country who would say no.
    This won’t become clear until the “Left” does so much harm and damage to our country….that we begin to realize….WE aren’t the problem….

    If you buy into this “Racism” Dog whistle”….you need a reality check.
    When is the last time you harmed another race -never mind they are renowned doctor or an astronaut, or the person who cleans the toilets at major sports event…did you harm them because of race…and why?

    99% of Americans (OF ALL RACES) would answer no. If you said Yes…see a psychologist…better yet…turn off Lefty news. You’ll sleep better.

    Sometimes you just don’t like certain people for certain reasons….doesn’t make you a Racist.

    AS for the subject of this article: Shop where you damn well want. Don’t let a bunch of retards tell you where you shouldn’t shop and why. If you do, you are the sheepople.
    Once they see you can be controlled by the latest “dog whistle”…they will just do more.
    Instead, write the corporations and point out their errors and assumptions and ask them to stop or you will boycott their companies.
    However, the choices are very slim to pick from…all the “cooperate mergers” have seen to that.
    I boycotted Khol’s because every item of clothing was made in China or their surrogates. I know they use child labor. The other choices do the same.
    We need to get back to buy American…though I admit it is slim pickings because the Clintons allowed the foreign countries take it over.

    They managed to make us wear masks when more experts across the globe say they don’t work and can actually harm. As a senior I can tell you I have breathing problems
    after wearing a mask…who knew? You breath out bad air into the mask and immediately breath it back in? I think even a third grader would understand the lunacy of that.

    Fauci is a Globalist tool…

    They have managed to make us abandon loved ones while they were dying in a hospitals and nursing homes.
    They’ve managed to inflict many young people with fear and depression to the point of suicide.
    And now they’ve flooded our country with foreigners. 90% of them have no intentions of learning English, and being a contributing factor in our country.

    They don’t speak English and will separate into communities with others like them. We went trough that in the 30s and 40s.

    Many are violent and takers….

    They bring diseases that we cured eons ago…Ask Indiana what happened when Obama flooded them with “refuges” who spread a different, virulent TB….

    And how do we feed them and house them? You know the answer.

    I want to point to one Biblically…. the TOWER OF BABEL…they are building it again right here in America….


    America has already been taken over….without one shot being fired, except for the BLM, ANTIFA and others like them paid by Soros, the Clintons, and their like-minded pals…..America is being destroyed by the elite, the wealthy, the greedy and perverted. the ones who love the Chaos . Now someone come up with a plan to take OUR COUNTRY BACK.
    Now, how do we take it back?
    If you read my rank…thank you…I have been waiting to get this off my chest a long time. It has been agonizing for months…..because we seniors have seen this before…we know what’s coming. But thanks to “woke” educators for 3-4 decades…you young ain’t seen nothing yet if you go down this path.

    1. Carol – Interesting read and I agree with everything you said. Who ever thought in our later years we would be putting up with this crap in our own country. I was worried when Obama got in this would probably happen and now we know this is his 3rd term. Pray for our country!

  5. Thanks.
    I too knew when Obama first came in, stayed two terms, and started pushing socialism…he put a lot of people in different semi permanent positions….they stayed in the background continued to sow the seeds of socialism….Even during Trump’s term there was always these people in the background.
    They have been in the schools and colleges since the 1950s.
    Now he and Susan Rice are the Defacto president and vice President. Slomo Biden is just the figurehead…..if he’s still there past the end of the year…I’ll be surprised.
    As a senior….I see the signs of the 1960’s ….on steroids’.

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