Don’t Let Them Silence You about the Great Election Steal!

“Fraud data is like the world’s messiest crime scene.”

(Jay Valentine at American Thinker)


I’m glad there are some, like Valentine, willing to do the tedious work to solve the crime….

It would be a tragedy of immense proportions if the 2020 Election fraud is never fully investigated.

When I got up this morning, I knew I had a half a dozen dreadful violent crime stories along the lines of other recent posts, that I should post, but I just couldn’t do it.  They make me sick. They are mostly crimes of one race killing or attacking those of another race. See Gateway Pundit as an example.

It seems, at least to me, that those crimes are increasing as one race is being elevated above all others, and as a result of the pandemic fear (used to take away our freedoms) generated by power hungry politicians who have gained much more power through the great 2020 election steal.

It isn’t real power.  It is power gained through lies, immoral behavior and brazen fraud, and they know it.

So, rather than yet another outrageous and sickening murder story today, that does nothing other than make us more fearful, we should be focusing on never giving up on asserting that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, and never giving up on proving it.  

Below writer Jay Valentine at American Thinker describes how some are not giving up and are using data to prove that there is no way Joe Biden and Kamala Harris legitimately received the highest number of votes in any Presidential election ever.

The big problem we have is who is going to spread the word on what the data investigators are finding when most of our media is doing everything possible to bury the facts and silence and demean anyone who brings forward proof.

Election Fraud Hotspots – 10% of the Data are 70% of the Fraud

The more our team looked at the 2020 election fraud from publicly available records, the more it appeared to have similar characteristics to property casualty insurance fraud.

Beginning in November, like many citizens, we witnessed election fraud possibilities any sentient person would investigate. Having backgrounds in fraud detection, particularly in the property casualty insurance business, Medicaid fraud, and cyber fraud, gave us a curiosity that never dissipated.

Our interest is 100% in data analysis. That means looking at the actual votes, the addresses, the information about ballots reported to Secretaries of State. While there are all kinds of other fraud, the best way to light it up is with data analysis.

Not just the statistical stuff with the graphs and Greek symbols, but old fashioned rows and columns. Nothing illegal, just the same public data Google uses to profile someone for new running shoes.

If Jesse Morgan did drive a tractor trailer truck with 100,000 ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, how can we find out? Chris Wray and our hardy pals at the FBI may not want to open that truck’s back door, but we do – with database analysis.

I took a few minutes to watch truck driver Morgan’s press conference in December, you might want to watch it too….

American Thinker continues….

They can hide the truck. They can claim it never happened. They cannot hide the record of the ballot.

Imagine yourself trying to fake 100,000 ballots. Even with some of your pals, lots of them, sitting around tables with pizza and Cokes and #2 pencils, it’s daunting. Every ballot needs to tie to an address. Each ties to a name. This is fraud infrastructure.

While you and your friends are filling out 100,000 ballots with Biden circles, do you think you took the time to use a different, real address for every one of them? Or, more likely, did you use a small group of addresses over and over? You get the picture.


Citizen election fraud investigators are coalescing across multiple states sharing information, fraud profiles and actual data. We are helping with fraud investigative expertise and search technology beyond anything commercially available.

Valentine’s thesis is that a small number of people, who knew each other are responsible for the fraud.

Our thesis is that 70% of all 2020 election fraud will be tied to 10% of the records. Like insurance fraud, election fraud has cultural affinities. It also has geographic patterns and links to a small number of people who deliver the overwhelming amount of fraud.

Cultural affinities?

We broke a major insurance fraud ring showing a group of Somali immigrants, living in the same building, driving the same car, had scammed a major insurance company. Sure they did, they knew each other. This happens all the time; the data show it.

He explains the type of thing they are learning….

Data visualization shows hotspots – like red wine stains on a white tablecloth.

Isn’t it interesting that 634 people with the same birthday, including the year, live at these seven addresses? Digging deeper, look, the address is not a physical location, it is a UPS store with mailboxes. That’s a crowded P.O. Box!

Look here, different family members live in different mailboxes with the same surname. The mailboxes are consecutive numbers, too! That’s so convenient for Thanksgiving dinner!

This is what industrial fraud starts to look like and there are plenty of data from December Secretary of State data files to prove this.

Of course, this is how they did it and there is much more.  Read it all.

And, above all, keep talking!  Send stories like this to your friends and family members! This isn’t about vindicating Donald Trump, it is about saving the country.

P.S. For those of you who don’t read RRW regularly, know that I have been doing a weekly round-up of refugee news.  See yesterday’s post here and see why the refugee contractors heads are exploding as Biden has not yet done their bidding.

Refugee News Round-up: First Week of April 2021

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Silence You about the Great Election Steal!

  1. Mike Lindells latest video shows how the election was stolen with a guest computer expert that is just great. It was programed into all the states not just a chosen few. This guy has been working on finding out how the program worked for months. His comment was that if this case had gone forward right after the election we would have not have seen all the evidence. They left a pattern that showed up in all the states. A do not miss video.

  2. Mike Lindell has two programs on his site that detail evidence of election fraud that are worthwhile mentioning and encouraging your followers to watch. Here is the link
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on his findings.

    1. Yes, I know. I have written about Lindell’s good work here at Frauds and Crooks. There is an excellent search function on both of my blogs in case you want to look for something or someone specific.

  3. I appreciate what you are doing to save our country, Ann Corcoran. you are an inspiration to All who know about you and your newsletter. I receive mine thru a friend and do want to support you and try daily to do something to change what the leftists are pushing 24–7. its horrible and so destructive to our freedom and liberty and God-given right to happiness without the infringement of govt. tyranny. here is a letter to ed i sent to Fl ‘decay’, who won’t print it, i’m sure about election fraud. had to tone it down to appease them into printing it. Hope it will all fit in here, when i copy, paste it. title: PRESIDENT BIDEN Attacks VOTING LAW!
    Have you wondered why President Biden has launched an ignorant and incendiary attack on the new Georgia voting law? Their new law simply requires showing photo ID before voting, which makes perfect sense to the majority of Americans and should be mandatory in every state. Florida should adopt similar law. Mail-in ballots are particularly vulnerable and popular during 2020 election. We have to show ID to do hundreds of things. Law also expands weekend voting which sounds logical.
    Biden called it “Jim Crow in 21st century” and “an un-American law to deny people the right to vote.” How absurd! Elizabeth Warren, began attacking Georgia governor Brian Kemp of illogical things. in attempt to antagonize him and voters. Democrats obviously don’t understand the hideousness of Jim Crow nor provisions of new Georgia law. The law requires folks to write their Florida driver’s license number on returned absentee-ballot, which sounds extremely logical as well.
    The old Jim Crow was enacting poll taxes; Florida’s “proposed” law would expanding weekend voting. The old Jim Crow was disenfranchising voters based on their race; our new election law proposal would limit ballot drop boxes to places they can’t be tampered with.
    Please call; write; email your legislators and every Democrat possible and insist they enact the new Georgia voting law for Florida. While you’re at it, tell Democrats to stop trying to eliminate the filibuster, which protects voters.
    Alice K

  4. The fraud in Nevada has been going on for at least 10 years all due to Harry Reid. People out of state have no idea what a mobster he is but everyone living here knows his history. He began getting illegals voting once he found out they were working in the bowels of the hotels. The democrats arranged for buses to pick them up at the hotels and chauffer them to “special” voting sites. These voting sites stayed open later than the others because “we wanted to make sure everyone received their opportunity to vote.” It was even on the news. Harry owns NV and although as far as voting it is fairly small but the cheating here is now going on everywhere thanks to this POS.

  5. Thanks so much, Ann, for keeping us up to date about this and January 6 and immigration and crime and etc.!!

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