Twenty-six House Republicans Tell Biden: Do Not Weaken Vetting of Refugees!

President Trump had followed through on his promise to use extreme vetting when reviewing applicants for the US Refugee Admissions Program and Chairman Joe has already said his administration will do away with the extra layers of security screening.

Twenty-six House Republicans earlier this month sent a letter to the administration, soon to be entirely run by Kamala (after dementia Joe said some very damaging things in his infomercial with Anderson Cooper), urging that they not let-up on vetting refugees and immigrants who want to be your new neighbors.

I hadn’t seen this news a week ago, and only became aware of it when I read the ABC story (below), a whiny account of how Biden can’t get the refugee admission numbers high enough very fast because of how that mean-spirited Trump had decimated the refugee industry over four years.

And, because they have to get rid of Trump’s extreme vetting before the pipeline to America will flow smoothly.

It is clear in the ABC story below that Biden/Harris are going to begin funneling millions of dollars to the refugee resettlement contractors*** as fast as they can.

Trump ‘decimated’ refugee program hampering Biden’s historic goal: Advocates


My question is:

Since there are 211 Republicans in the House right now, where do the other 185 stand on this vital security issue?

From Fox News:

House Republicans caution Biden administration against weakening vetting of refugees

EXCLUSIVE: More than two dozen House Republicans on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to oppose efforts to weaken screening for immigrants and refugees coming to the U.S. over national security concerns.

“We are extremely concerned with the Biden Administration’s plans to weaken screening and vetting for foreign nationals coming to the United States, including refugee applicants in the [U.S. Refugee Admissions Program] and other humanitarian-based U.S. immigration programs,” the letter, signed by 26 House Republicans says.

Go here to see the letter, and below is a screenshot of signatures of the 26 House members you should be thanking. You should let others in your district know about their brave work. Maybe write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

And, if you have a Republican Congressman or Congresswoman and they aren’t on here, ask them why they aren’t urging extra caution in vetting prospective ‘new Americans.’



***If you are new to the refugee issue, here below are the nine federal contractors that put the wellbeing of refugees above struggling Americans.

Adding insult to injury, you pay them with your tax dollars to place refugees throughout the country. They along with the US State Department determine where they will be placed.

And, these nine are always busy on The Hill putting pressure on lawmakers.

You can bet they blasted the twenty six above for daring to suggest that terrorists and other criminals could get into the program.



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6 thoughts on “Twenty-six House Republicans Tell Biden: Do Not Weaken Vetting of Refugees!

  1. Here in lies the Republican problem…. it should be ALL OF THEM

    Patriot Party is growing or is ….

  2. From the story by Connor Finnegan “We are starting from a very slow rolling speed,” said State Department spokesperson Ned Price. “But it is the president’s commitment that we ensure this program is up and running in a way that provides refuge, provides relief, provides safe haven.”

    The department has already been engaging in discussions with resettlement agencies, including about offering federal funds in the short term to reinvest and rebuild local programs. That would likely include tens of MILLIONS of Dollars according to Vignarajah.”

    Can offering federal funds outside of the regular grants and funding that the agencies normally use be legal? This is going to be a very lawless administration. This shows you that the State Dept was always leftist and did not support President Trump. Get ready for lots more Ilhan Omar’s in your cities. Organize and protest this travesty.

  3. I just called my congressman, and the staffer said he can’t be on every list and every letter although he agrees with me that the extreme vetting needs to stay. Ann is right. We all need to focus on our own communities. It is up to the people that will be impacted by increased terrorism and unsafe communities.

    1. So if he can’t be on every letter, maybe he can send his own letter, just from him!

      1. Good point, I made my point to him. But honestly I don’t think Kamala is going to pay any attention to our House republicans or us for that matter. But it is good to keep up the pressure as the left did to DJT relentlessly.

        1. We have no chance in h*** of anyone in the administration paying attention to Rs. However, whenever they make a move like this it is a press opportunity for us.

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