Alert! Are YOU on the Target List? Will Antifa and BLM be Able to Find YOU?

This is one of the most shocking things you might see in this never-ending year from hell.

A mysterious group has made available the names and addresses of hundreds of thousands of Trump donors.  There can only be one reason for this—it is a target list! And, they want you to be afraid!

From Gateway Pundit: (Hat tip: Florida friend)

Mysterious “Donald Trump Watch” Website — With Offices in China — Reveals Addresses of Local Trump Donors for Antifa and BLM Terrorist Targeting


Far left operatives created the Donald Trump Watch website recently to reveal local Trump donors in your community.

Users are able to punch in the address of any location in the country and a map will show you the name and address of any Trump donor in the area.

The website is using FEC data to target Trump voters and donors.

According to the website they provide the names and addresses of “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist.”


The only reason for calling Trump a racist and doxing his supporters on-line is to let BLM and ANTIFA know where we live.

More here.

I looked for my name and it wasn’t there, but realized that it must be because I gave through the RNC. I did find friends!  It is real!

And, if they are successful in frightening patriots this time, it will have a chilling effect on anyone considering donating to a future America First presidential candidate.

Will be watching for a Tucker Carlson report on this!

Endnote: Don’t miss my post yesterday! Stay safe!

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5 thoughts on “Alert! Are YOU on the Target List? Will Antifa and BLM be Able to Find YOU?

  1. Wow! Didn’t find me, but there is a person living on my street.

  2. It’s actually been encouraging to type in different zip codes and to also move the map around and select “search.”

    Encouraging because these frequent and small donations to Trump add up and they represent so many other donations to similar organizations (RNC, Tea Party) and congressional candidate campaigns.

    Yes, it’s scary to seee how it can be used for a violent “payback” vendetta. But, when fascists destroy and pillage, they don’t distinguish between sides. Widespread destruction is their demonic agenda.

    We’re probably witnessing the end of the beginning of USA’s demise. Time to broaden your sphere of influence, invest in your relationships, deepen your faith, be bold and courageous in the mission of your life, and focus on your eternal destiny!

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