Celebrities (again!) Say They will Leave US if Trump is Victorious

Sheesh!  Didn’t we hear that four years ago and it is deja vu all over again!

I see that even The Hill (don’t they have more serious news to write about) told us earlier this month that rocker Tommy Lee might decamp to the more politically sane UK or even go back to his “motherland” in Greece if Trump wins four more years in the White House.

JusttheNews reports that Bruce Springsteen is entertaining a move to Australia, but that is hypothetical because he says there is no way Biden will loose.

Meanwhile a Sheriff in Ohio says he will help any who despise America that much to leave the country.

Here is JusttheNews:

‘Don’t let the door hit ya’: Comedian shreds celebrities vowing to leave U.S. if Trump wins

Every four years, celebrities come out of the woodwork to say they’ll abandon America if the Republican candidate for president wins the White House.

They never do, of course, but they get some press in the meantime.
Comedian Michael Loftus has a message to all multimillionaires who think Americans actually care what they think: Good riddance.

“When celebrities declare they’re going to leave, we should have some new kind of candyman law,” he said Saturday on Fox News. “Meaning, if you declare it three times, you have to leave. Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya.'”

Loftus said celebrities declaring they’ll bail is driven by over-inflated egos.

“They really think they’re that important,” he said. “They really think we’re walking around going, ‘Wait, what? [Bruce] Springsteen’s going to leave? And Tommy Lee? Oh, I’m changing my vote!'”

“We knew these celebrities were self-centered,” Loftus said. “We knew they were stupid. We just didn’t know how cowardly they were.”


Bruce Springsteen, 71, said last week he might just move to Australia if Trump wins reelection on Nov. 3.


“If Trump is reelected — which he will not be; I’m predicting right now he’s gonna lose — if by some happenstance he should be, I’ll see you on the next plane,” Springsteen said.

Springsteen’s vow came shortly after rock star Tommy Lee said if Trump wins reelection, “I’m out of here.”

The Motley Crue drummer says he finds America “embarrassing” and thinks Europeans are mocking us.

Seriously, as millionaire celebrities claim they will leave the US, the world still wants to get here.

At Zerohedge recently, in a story about how international migration has ground to a virtual standstill due to the Chinese virus, we learned that the United States of America, even under the presidency of Donald Trump is still the number one destination for people looking for a better life.

Charts speak for themselves….


By the way, do you know if any of the cool people who promised to leave the US four years ago, when Trump won, actually left?

Don’t miss my post yesterday.  Your fellow ‘deplorables’ and ‘chumps’ will make you proud.