Kenyan Killer Case Drags Out in Dallas due to COVID Excuse

Billy Chemirmir

I am sure the media and Texas officials who dropped the ball are hoping that the case involving the creep from Kenya who allegedly murdered nearly two dozen helpless seniors (almost all women smothered with pillows), in either assisted living facilities or in their own homes in order to steal their jewelry and valuables, disappears down the memory hole.

Correction: One of the daughters tells me that they were not assisted living facilities but “active living establishments with the promise of “monitored surveillance security and cameras throughout””.

The victims’ daughters aren’t going to let that happen as they report regularly at the website they created in hopes of keeping the case alive and to urge elected officials in Texas to place more regulations on facilities for seniors so that someone like Chemirmir won’t have access to vulnerable loved ones ever again.

Here is an e-mail update from the daughters whose website is called Save our Senior’ Safety (SOSS).

Update: Glenna Day’s cause of death (October 15, 2016) has been amended to homicide. This is the 5th homicide at The Tradition Prestonwood between July 18 and October 29, 2016.

We are adding Dr. Catherine Probst Sinclair to our victim timeline. Her family was suspicious of her death in April of 2018 as reported in the news.

This news story was the last we heard publicly about Dr. Sinclair. We have privately continued to support the Probst family as they work to seek justice for their beloved Aunt Cathie.

Medical Examiner Barnard

We Did Not Know We Needed to Raise the Roof – We Are Raising It Now

Dr. Jeffrey Barnard, Dallas County Medical Examiner told the Dallas Morning News that “If it was my parent, I’d be raising the roof.”

We did not know May 2016 to March 2018 we needed to “raise the roof” about lack of security, lack of sharing information where our loved ones lived, and they were murdered. We have learned a lot in the last years and we are not staying quiet any longer.

Dr. Barnard stated in the same article that the Chemirmir cases are “on the back burner” and he would work to clear the cases by the end of July.

Dr. Barnard’s investigation should be timely and thorough. Our loved ones’ cases deserve the truth. There are at least four cases where families are waiting to hear if their loved one was murdered. We have been told the police investigations have been closed. There is no new information. The families are waiting for the Dallas County Medical Examiner to amend the cause of death if it was murder. The families with cases that result in homicide amendments get to join other families awaiting trial.

Pre-COVID, the trial was scheduled to begin early April 2021. The Texas Supreme Court has issued an emergency order stating no jury proceedings may be held before October 1 with few exceptions. This is not the first delay mandated by the Texas Supreme Court. Jury trials in Dallas County have been suspended for 6 months as of this writing. Logically, this would delay the murderer’s trial to October 2021. If there are more delays, we may be looking at a 2022 trial date.

When we inquired about a trial date in late 2019, we were told we had to be patient and wait our turn. This is the way the justice system works in Dallas County. The trial date (April 2021) was scheduled in January 2020. We want to be clear. We will work within the boundaries of the system. But we will not be put on the back burner.

This is a capital murder case by one of the most prolific serial killers in Texas history. He targeted a vulnerable population that we all hope to safely be a part of – our beloved elderly, trusting, loving family members.

Other states have started jury trials carefully with guidelines to protect citizens from COVID. Texas needs to work to do the same.

We recognize these are turbulent times with COVID, economic challenges and social unrest. None of these will go away soon. We want to work for justice for our loved ones as solutions are sought for the other issues.

Notice in the timeline the daughters have posted that Chemimir had spent a short time behind bars in 2016 for trespassing at one of the murder scenes, but went right back to his gruesome work with a vengeance a week after his release. He simply chose a facility other than the one where he was caught trespassing.

Dallas police arrested him June 28, 2016 for trespassing at Edgemere. He was given a 70-day sentence and served time at Dallas County Jail. He was released early, 14 days later, on July 11, 2016. One can only imagine that some of those murdered during a period he should have been behind bars might still be alive and enjoying their families today.


Please visit SOSS and sign up to receive news on the case.

But even more importantly help keep this horrific story from going down the memory hole.

If you know anyone at Fox News please try to bring this story to their attention because you know the mainstream media is only too happy to see the politically incorrect story hidden forever because it goes against the entire Black Lives Matter narrative they are pumping up these days.

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I have been following the sickening story since it began.  See my tag for ‘Billy Chemirmir.’

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9 thoughts on “Kenyan Killer Case Drags Out in Dallas due to COVID Excuse

  1. My advice to the family who lost loved ones due to this monster….DON’T STOP, DON’T GIVE UP.
    I too am in the same battle. Bad actors in our family got control of my Alzheimer Dad after our Mother passed….they abused and neglected him to the point of homicide. This was in a small town in TN. The DA was corrupt, the Court was corrupt to the point I and my siblings could not rescue him.
    After he died after 3 years of abuse and neglect…they tried to hurriedly cremate him. I had to stay on the phone for 3 days to force an autopsy. The local joke of a Death Investigator said “natural causes. ”
    My other siblings and I retained a world renowned Forensic Pathologist and he said “HOMICIDE.”

    We couldn’t get any law enforcement to rescue him…..and we couldn’t get any law enforcement to do anything about his death. We have fought for over 7 years to first rescue him, 5 years later he died. We were never allowed to see him all those years.
    We went to multiple news sources….they won’t tell the story because they are comprised here and they think they would get sued.

    So here’s where we are…..we are producing a Podcast that we will blast out across the country.
    One way or another, people will know what happened to our kind Father.

    I advise these family members to do the same thing. So many news outlets and “officials” are so compromised they are paralyzed and won’t or can’t act.

    Don’t give in, don’t give up…..when talking about about your parents’ deaths. And don’t look to any “official” (especially the ones who have been in their position for a long time) to assist or help you. Don’t believe any laws you see in your state that claims it protects the elderly….that law is only there so they get tons of federal and state money….that they largely spend on fancy offices and “conferences” in exotic places… me.

    And good luck to you and yours….you’re going to need it.

  2. CBS Radio News gets us a little closer to a race war this morning. It’s good that hardly anyone listens to radio

    1. Ann, I listen to radio all during the day while I work. Beck, Rush, Ben Fergenson…..then switch to Tucker Carlson in the evening. They are the only ones I can trust to tell me what is going on.

      Also….the Kenyan isn’t the only one killing the elderly……family killed my Dad with abuse and neglect…..resulting in his homicide. I and other siblings have been trying to bring them to justice for over 4 years…..the “officials” in this state are very, very corrupt.

      No news source will carry our story – even with proof from a world renowned expert proving it. I think they think they will be sued. So we have decided to go the podcast route.

      Ann, please stay safe….we depend on you more than you know.

      1. Carol, I am so sorry for what happened with your father. I may post your previous comment as a post. Thank you for the kind words of support.

  3. Hi Ann! Thank you for sharing and commenting on creepy Chemirmir who murdered our moms. We have already received several new members to our site,

    As one of the founders of Secure Our Seniors Safety, I wanted to share with you and your audience that none of the victims murdered were in assisted living homes. They lived in independent, 55 year old plus, vibrant and active living establishments with the promise of “monitored surveillance security and cameras throughout”. We all paid premium for this security. 9 of the victims were murdered at Tradition Prestonwood in Dallas – all within 3 months of eachother. This, an independent livings establishment where the average deaths per year were only 3. Makes you wonder how they couldn’t keep our moms safe as all had a thefts on the day of their deaths. Profit before protection perhaps?

    1. This whole horrible story breaks my heart. I am so sorry for your loss. And, I will correct the error about assisted living homes because I was ignorant about the differences in these types of living facilities. Be sure to see another comment to this post and a suggestion of a podcast or other type of media effort you might undertake to get the story out more widely.

  4. The unbelievable irony is that the sheer AMOUNT of his Evil depredations is exactly what holds up the case, because you have, for both sides and the judge and jury, such a huge mass of information to be “processed”. The serial killer Charles Ng used the law to avoid extradition for over a decade. But Covid-19 is no excuse for the media, esp. when they go so nuts over one or two people killed on the street as a political act–as if Chemirmir’s presence in this country was not itself a political act!

    1. Sorry did not see your comment yesterday. Excellent point. I also imagine that even for credible journalists the story is so awful to believe—to imagine the horror of those deaths (of one’s mother’s death)—that it might have a chilling effect on those who might write or report it.

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