How Prepared are You Now?

Back in July, the last Saturday of the month, I asked if you were being sensible and stocking up a bit if, as the experienced preppers say, the SHTF!

See what John Podesta has to do with all of this….

There is no downside to making sure you and your family will have the necessary food, medicine and other supplies that will allow you to stay close to home as the election approaches and chaos is all but promised.

I’ve taken to reading prepper sites for fun reading.

I know, I know, you might be saying that some of those people are over the top, but you can sort through what sounds reasonable to you and what is way out there.

What I like about these sites, and there are dozens and dozens of them, is that they mix practical information about food/gardening with political news and views that is right up my alley.

Here is a screenshot of the front page of one of my favorite sites—Modern Survival Blog—to show you the wide variety of information the blog provides.  Notice the countdown clock running below the header.


I was particularly interested this morning in what the Ice Age Farmer had to say about the globalists using a world wide food shortage to control us. He discussed that malevolent John Podesta and the Food Chain Reaction Game in his most recent podcast.

And, there is even a news aggregation site called Survival Pulse so you can see what stories have been newly posted on the topic.

I figure there is no downside to being sensible and prepared as possible for whatever is going to happen in the coming months.  If all hell doesn’t break loose, then thank God and have a little chuckle about all that pasta you’ve stored on basement shelves!

P.S. If you have elderly neighbors, check on them now to be sure they too have some food/water stored.

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8 thoughts on “How Prepared are You Now?

  1. Thanks Ann. It would be too time consuming to list all of the compliments you deserve so I will just say what Aunt Bee from Mayberry would say “ You are the very button on the cap of kindness “

  2. Thank you Ann, this is pertinent information, sadly made so by our democrat led rioters and ruling class who’ll stop at nothing to end the nationalism ignited by Trump.

  3. I visited a church today that I’ve never been to before. A speaker there mentioned they’d heard several Christians encourage to stock up food for three months in preparation for possible (probable?) shortages due to political unrest. The speaker suggested the church take it under advisement and, if it’s not needed, they’ll have a great Food Bank to minister to the community.

  4. Thanks so much Ann. I especially enjoyed “Don’t fight from your front porch”, which was less an article by one person and more of a long colloquium by knowledgable, intelligent commenters. Plus you learn a whole bunch of new (to me) acronyms: SHTF, LEO, WROL, FUBAR and RLTW DOL! I’m not going to translate them here: you have to do what I had to do, and look it up! Unfortunately it’s “just reading”, but at least it’s interesting reading.

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