Comment worth noting: Fight for your beloved seniors!

See five reasons to create podcasts:

In response to my post about the Kenyan Killer, read it here, a regular reader sent this account of what she and her siblings are doing to seek justice for their father who passed while in the custody of “bad actors.”

Since the media is so unresponsive, she suggests creating a podcast to help get the word out without the media filter.

Since we write a lot about Tennessee especially at Refugee Resettlement Watch, I would like to know where in Tennessee this happened.  Guess we can wait for the podcast!

From Carol:

My advice to the family who lost loved ones due to this monster….DON’T STOP, DON’T GIVE UP.

I too am in the same battle. Bad actors in our family got control of my Alzheimer Dad after our Mother passed….they abused and neglected him to the point of homicide. This was in a small town in TN. The DA was corrupt, the Court was corrupt to the point I and my siblings could not rescue him.

After he died after 3 years of abuse and neglect…they tried to hurriedly cremate him. I had to stay on the phone for 3 days to force an autopsy. The local joke of a Death Investigator said “natural causes. ”

My other siblings and I retained a world renowned Forensic Pathologist and he said “HOMICIDE.”

We couldn’t get any law enforcement to rescue him…..and we couldn’t get any law enforcement to do anything about his death. We have fought for over 7 years to first rescue him, 5 years later he died. We were never allowed to see him all those years.

We went to multiple news sources….they won’t tell the story because they are compromised here and they think they would get sued.

So here’s where we are…..we are producing a Podcast that we will blast out across the country.

One way or another, people will know what happened to our kind Father.

I advise these family members to do the same thing. So many news outlets and “officials” are so compromised they are paralyzed and won’t or can’t act.

Don’t give in, don’t give up…..when talking about your parents’ deaths.

And don’t look to any “official” (especially the ones who have been in their position for a long time) to assist or help you. Don’t believe any laws you see in your state that claims it protects the elderly….that law is only there so they get tons of federal and state money….that they largely spend on fancy offices and “conferences” in exotic places… me.

And good luck to you and yours….you’re going to need it.

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6 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Fight for your beloved seniors!

  1. OMG yes, this is a huge issue. That is, Nursing Home and safety, generally. Just slightly less than half of all COVID-19 deaths–40-something %–occur in Nursing Homes, all to people with pre-existing conditions, who are the only people who need to worry about it. Yet Democratic State Governors like Cuomo and Gruesome Newsome have been warehousing COVID sufferers–the few that are sick–in the nation’s Nursing Homes! And of course famously refusing Trump’s help. I’m part of a group in California that’s trying to do something about it: California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform: CANHR. Here’s a sample newsletter, in case you’re interested, although it doesn’t discuss that particular issue much.

  2. Sorry: I posted before I linked. Here it is:

    /Users/admin/Documents/CANHR newsletter, saved 9:7:20.rtf

  3. Care provided for senior citizens is a more serious problem than many of us ever expected. My mother, an alzheimer’s patient, was placed in a rural small town nursing facility supported by the county. I thought she would be cared for with compassion given she had lived in the town and been active in many local church and community events. Wrong!

    I knew she was becoming angry and mean but had no idea how much she was being drugged into submission until I got a call saying she had been transferred to a hospital some 50 miles away for examination and treatment recommendations. Immediately left on the 600 mile trip to the hospital where I found her so sedated that she was barely aware and could not or would not even hold her head up to look at us.

    We managed to get her out of the hospital into our care and brought her to Pennsylvania where we placed her in a very nice facility. After having helped her tremendously and to our satisfaction, the next trauma occurred when she fell and broke her hip. After surgery and a hospital stay where drug sedation also occurred, she returned to the care facility where a few days later I found her on the floor by her bed having fallen out bed.

    It was then discovered that Pennsylvania has a state mandate that patients cannot under any circumstances be restrained in either a chair or a bed! We then became aware that patients were being picked up off of the floor on a daily basis, and nothing could be done to change the mandate.

    We then took mother back to the small town area and found a facility that gave her good care for the rest of her life.

    The purpose of this story is simply to alert anyone that even facilities having very good practices and care must be watched as we never expected any of what happened as noted above. Note that the above were just the highlights of a much longer story consisting of similar experiences.

    1. Thanks for the warning to readers. My mother passed a few years ago at a good nursing facility near me. I visited often and it was my practice to show up at any time with no regular pattern of visits. I recommend that to all of you who must seek care outside of the home simply pop in unexpected and keep a good eye on your family member and others, esp. those who have no family regularly visiting.

  4. Thank you, Ann, for your comforting thoughts. I don’t think I should disclose the parties and place in this venue until we do the pod cast. If you have a physical address, I would be happy to send you a copy of our presentation of the facts, who was involved, along with a copy of the world renowned expert who said it was homicide. You can send me a private email if you like.

    WE are WHISTLE BLOWERS. We will not stop until the ones who committed this homicide are charged, arrested, and jailed. Our Dad should not have had to suffer for over five years… one should.

    Elder abuse and crimes against the elderly needs to see the light of day. What is maddening is the very authorities who lament – and state publicly – that there is a rising number of elder abuse cases in TN – are the very ones who failed and refused to rescue our Dad; or after his death, refused to investigate and charge the ones who did this to him. I have their published statements.

    Keep up the good work, Ann. I’ve been following you for years since a friend sent me the link to your site. Frankly, I don’t know how you keep it up.

    1. Thanks Carol, but I really don’t do very much. Good luck with your podcast. I do have a snail mail address and it is in the right hand sidebar of the front page of both my blogs. Go here and see it under Contact in the right hand column.

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