With Only a Little Over a Month to Go, are You Prepped?

I’m wondering how many of you have taken the time to follow some of the many prepper/survival sites I’ve pointed you to, and more importantly taken a few steps to prepare for the unrest growing and likely to spread in the coming weeks, months and (hopefully not!) years!

If you haven’t started, it isn’t too late.  Be sure to have a look at Survival Pulse regularly (that is a news aggregator for prepper sites) to see what is new daily.

Being prepared is a sensible way to live, so don’t let caricatures of preppers living in bunkers deter you.

I am learning a lot! Here are a few stories I’ve found interesting recently.

Survivalist? Prepper? What is the Difference?  See the history of the survival movement here at Survivopedia.

I especially liked: The Great Conservative Migration And What It Means For The Future at Alt-Market.com

The signs really began to become visible at the end of January, 2020; there was an exodus of people brewing, and it was galvanizing fears on both sides of the political spectrum. The pandemic situation is cited by the mainstream media as the primary cause, but in reality the migration had started at least 3 years earlier. Americans were leaving certain states and cities behind by the tens of thousands, and these places were predominantly leftist in their policies and population. California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.; all of these progressive states were bleeding residents since 2017, the pandemic just accelerated the situation.

There are a number of reasons given for the dramatic shift in population, but two specific reasons stand above the rest: Economy and political ideals. The pandemic itself is only a minor motivator. Consider the fact that residents of California left the state in droves for Texas over the summer DESPITE the problem of Covid infection spikes in major metropolitan areas of the Lone Star State. People didn’t care, they just wanted to get the hell out of California as quickly as possible.


… in my view the BEST case scenario we can possibly hope for as conservatives is a balkanization of the US based on ideals and principles. According to the economic data and social upheaval I am seeing, I think there is little chance we can save the whole country in the short term. Instead, conservatives organizing together regionally is the best bet in stopping widespread unconstitutional changes to our laws and usurpation of our culture.

Over the years I’ve had e-mails from readers asking me where in America they should move in order to live a quiet conservative life. I have a few ideas.

And then long-time prepper blogger Daisy Luther is frustrated because she thinks yakking about who is responsible for our present turmoil is keeping people from getting the basic facts on how to personally survive an event, a riot, a pandemic, a wildfire, or whatever.

Your first obligation is to your family. Make sure you and your family are ready to personally survive, she says.

At The Organic Prepper:

SURVIVAL Is Just About Surviving


You have to prioritize the thing that is most likely to immediately kill you.

During the event, it doesn’t matter who’s responsible. It doesn’t matter if it was a set-up for some political agenda or if it was paid for by some rich dude who’s up in everyone’s business. Sometimes in this community, people can be so dismissive that those who really want to learn how to survive a violent event feel foolish. There are people who belittle valuable advice because they’re so hung up on their theories about the events.

When bullets are real, it doesn’t matter who is firing them at you or why. What matters during the event is surviving it.

If you haven’t done enough to be prepared, get to work while deliveries can be made and store shelves are relatively full.  So what if the S*** never hits the fan in coming weeks and months, you can chuckle about all those cans of beans in the basement while thanking God we made it through a moment in history when we possibly could lose it all, that is lose America as we loved it.

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