St. Cloud, MN: Ho Hum Another Somali in Trouble with the Law

Here we have another young African man we most likely raised on the taxpayers’ dime (virtually all Somalis in the US came in through the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program or are the children of those who did).

I just checked the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center*** and learned that nearly 7,000 Somalis were placed directly in Minnesota in the last ten years.  1,373 were placed in St. Cloud.  But, this number does not show how many Somalis have arrived in St. Cloud as secondary migrants.

Secondary migrants is State Department lingo for those who were placed elsewhere in America and then picked up and moved to Minnesota to be with their own kind of people.  Working to make Minnesota the first Somali state in America?

Anyway, here is the latest example of the ‘diversity is strength’ myth the Left is always peddling.

Believe it or not, there are other things happening besides the virus crisis including ‘new American’ criminal creeps going about their business as usual.

From Alpha News:

St. Cloud Man Charged after Alleged Home Invasion Burglary, Assault


A St. Cloud resident has been charged after authorities say he and a group of others chased another man into a residence and attacked him.

Abdinajib Muhumed Mohamed—ahhhh the joys of multiculturalism in the American heartland!

Abdinajib Muhumed Mohamed, 20, has been charged in Stearns County with one count of felony first-degree burglary in the case filed in that county on Friday.

The criminal complaint states that Mohamed and a group chased a man into a residence and attacked him, according to a report on the incident. When police arrived, they found a man bleeding from his head and lip.

The victim told police that Mohamed and the others confronted him outside, and one person in the group shouted, “get him” and Mohamed pointed a gun at him.


Mohamed was convicted in July on fifth-degree assault related to a 2018 Benton County robbery case. Two felony charges of aiding first-degree aggravated robbery and aiding third-degree assault were dismissed in the case. Mohamed was placed on probation and given credit for 54 days already served in jail and was released.

Court records show that two warrants for Mohamed’s arrest have been issued since the July conviction. One for an alleged probation violation and one for failure to appear at a hearing related to the probation violation. Mohamed was released on zero bail following separate arrests on both warrants, most recently on January 10.

More here.

*** See this morning’s post at RRW about the latest numbers at the Refugee Processing Center.

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4 thoughts on “St. Cloud, MN: Ho Hum Another Somali in Trouble with the Law

  1. Zero bail for a repeat offender is an offense itself against civil society. But if you don’t want a cohesive society because your plan for a cultural Marxist revolution requires our destruction, then it’s all good. These DAs are traitors and thanks to George Soros who has funded many of their campaigns for office, they are now in power all across America. He should be stripped of citizenship.

  2. I used to study this stuff for a Michigan group and I seem to recall Somalians being brought in as refugees to San Diego CA area and staying a bit–then taking off for their relatives and friends in Minnesota. That’s how we got Ilhan Omar.

  3. You are correct Ann..

    Secondary migration stampeding toward Minnesota from other US Cities and States is completely uncontrolled, and not track-able at all. ..communicable diseases and all..

    EG: Arizona has lost 1/2 of its Somali population t Minnesota just in the last year.. ..Just one example of many..

    Why? MN Attorney General Keith (aka’s: ‘X’ – ‘Hakim’ – ‘Mohamed’) Ellison, CAIR Minnesota’s Jaylani Hussein, MN Gov. Walz, MN SOS, Steve / Master VOTER FRAUDSTER / Simon, Ilhan Omar, Muslim Brotherhood, and all the MN Dept of Human Services program money they can steal and stuff in their pockets, without ANY consequences whatsoever, almost zero law enforcement now, and so on… and on.. and on.. and on..

    And, there is almost no difference between republicans and democrats in Minnesota any longer..

    We’re screwed..

    1. Do you ever think about just getting out of MN while the gettin’s good? There are a lot of places for us oldsters to live in the US and not have to deal with that. Even in the East where I live, I don’t see any of the joys of diversity that you have.

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