Mother of Islamic Terrorist Wants her Son’s Life Insurance—Whaaaa!

That would be the mother of the San Bernardino Christmas party slaughterer.

She says she is entitled to the payola since she didn’t know what her son had planned (or so she says).  Tell that to the 14 families who lost their loved ones forever!

From Alpha News (Hat tip: Dragon’s Lair):

(The story was at the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago, but I missed it.)

Mother of San Bernardino terrorist trying to get money from Minnesota Life Insurance

Rafia Farook, the mother of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook, is trying to cash in on her son’s $280,000 life insurance policy. Here’s the Daily Mail:

“Rafia is battling the Justice Department over Farook’s $280,000 life insurance policy of which she was the primary beneficiary. Insurers Minnesota Life Insurance paid out shortly after the attack but the funds were held by court after the Justice Department attempted to have the cash seized as proceeds of crime.”

New American Mama Farook bringing the joys of diversity to our land.

Four years ago Rafia Farook’s son Syed, and her son’s wife Tashfeen Malik, shot up a Christmas party at the San Bernardino Department of Public Health, where Syed was an employee. As a result of the attack, 14 were killed and another 22 injured. Both Malik and Syed Farook were killed by police while they fled the scene.

It is unclear why Minnesota Life Insurance paid out money because of the death.*** However, it is possible that the money was paid out to reduce legal exposure for Minnesota Life Insurance, especially since the Justice Department would surely seize the money once it was paid. Minnesota Life Insurance is a subsidiary of Securian Financial, which is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Daily Mail continues: “Rafia is continuing to fight attempts by the federal government to retain the payout. She says that because she did not know her son was going to commit an act of terror, there is no reason for the money not to be paid.”

But Rafia Farook has other problems. Her other son Syed Raheel and his Russian wife are in trouble for immigration fraud.

That’s because Syed Raheel tried to get his wife’s sister into the country via a sham-marriage with Enrique Marquez Jr., who is currently serving 25 years in federal prison after admitting to purchasing guns that were used in the Farook-Malik terror attack.

*** Someone should see who runs the Minnesota Life Insurance Company!  Do you follow my meaning!

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5 thoughts on “Mother of Islamic Terrorist Wants her Son’s Life Insurance—Whaaaa!

  1. This is the senior leadership team for the for Securian/Minnesota Life Insurance.

    Judging by the names, it doesn’t appear to be a jihadist front.

    Senior executives
    Christopher M. Hilger
    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Bruce P. Shay
    Executive Vice President

    Warren J. Zaccaro, CPA
    Executive Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer

    Gary R. Christensen
    Senior Vice President
    General Counsel and Secretary

    George I. Connolly
    Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Group

    Robert J. Ehren
    Senior Vice President, Individual Market
    Siddharth S. Gandhi
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Strategy and Enterprise Technology Officer

    William M. Gould
    Senior Vice President, Financial Institution Market

    Suzette L. Huovinen
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Premier

    David M. Kuplic
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Investment Officer

    Kristi L. Fox
    Vice President
    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Karen A. Leighton
    Vice President
    Chief Transformation Officer

  2. Remember… It was then MN State Rep’s. Ilhan – aka’s: Nur Said Abdullah Elmi Hirsi – Omar, and Rep. Lesch, with the support of CAIR MN exec director Jaylani Hussein, who proposed ‘Life Insurance Death Benefits’ for terrorists..

    You might want to keep that in mind.

    It’s Minnesota today.. With the help and SUPPORT of MN Governor Walz, and MN AG Ellison leading the charge of the ‘Shame & Blame Minnesotans Tour every week now – all over Minnesota, it will get much worse..

    Of course, Mama Farook expects to get paid. After all that’s the way it’s done over there..

    We remain so incredibly stupid..

  3. The exclusions and limitations are precise and clear, acts of criminal and fraud are not
    covered as in most insurance coverages. If this Life Insurance Company pays this out
    I would expect previous denials to bring actions to possibly recover also. Unreal, hope
    a Class Action attorney is paying heed to this?

    1. Follow-up it would be interesting on the effective date9s), why she is a ben., AND WHY a
      Muslim in line with the Koran, would even consider a policy, how underwriting approved this
      and finally the high face amount!

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