Did Rep. Ilhan Omar Benefit from Massive Failure of US State Department's Family Reunification Program?

If you have been following the controversy swirling around the charge that Rep. Ilhan Omar might have committed fraud by marrying her brother, there might have been a fraud committed years before that even.

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Omar or Elmi?  Hmmmm….

Back in 2008 I began a series of reports on the so-called P-3 program that permits already resettled refugees in the US to apply to bring in ‘family’ members.
All of that was chronicled at Refugee Resettlement Watch that WordPress suspended.
However, here John Binder writing at Breitbart sums up the State Department scandal and points to an important report by a former ICE attorney who says of the fraud that tens of thousands of Somalis got into the US and once the fraud was revealed there there were no repercussions for the cheaters.

“This was staggering irresponsibility, possibly the biggest blunder in immigration history.”

Here is what Binder says at Breitbart:

A refugee program that allowed foreign relatives of already-arrived foreign refugees to the United States was halted, altogether, more than a decade ago due to mass fraud among applicants.
This week, Powerline blog’s David Steinberg suggested that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) entered the U.S. in the mid-1990s as a third-priority, known as P-3, refugee — that is, a refugee who is admitted to the country due to their ties to an already-resettled refugee.
Steinberg’s report also claims that Omar committed immigration fraud when she falsely entered the country as a member of the “Omar” family that had already resettled in the U.S.
In 2008, after thousands of foreign nationals had entered as P-3 refugees, the program was halted by the *Bush administration* due to mass fraud wherein the State Department, through DNA testing, was able to confirm family relations between the program’s applicants in less than 20 percent of cases.
Overall, about 87 percent of P-3 refugees’ family relation claims turned out to be fraudulent.

BTW, guess who opposed DNA testing for family reunification?
If you guessed the nine federal resettlement contractors—groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and so forth, you would be correct!
Why? They claimed that the definition of ‘family’ is different in African culture and we should respect their ideas of family.
Binder continues….

Charles Thaddeus Fillinger, a former federal immigration official, has detailed the enormous fraud that has occurred among P-3 refugees in his 30-page policy paper, calling the program “the greatest refugee fraud crisis in modern times.”

More here.
Here is a screenshot of the opening page of  Fillinger’s treatise on the massive fraud perpetrated mostly by Africans for possibly decades.
Screenshot (1036)
I am so glad to see that this era of fraud has not been swept under the rug.  Interesting that it would take a scandal swirling around a member of Congress to help bring it to light.
I had to laugh when I saw a guest on Fox News yesterday say that Rep. Ilhan Omar (or whatever her name is) did it right by entering the US legally!
Wonder if we can go back and identify the thousands of  immigration cheats.  Just dreaming!
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  1. Really, do you believe any government functionaries will do anything about this? Do you think the spineless Republicans will investigate? What a shame laws are broken with impunity. Let me break a law and…..

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  2. I think we can….it would take time, but as I said when I shared this story on Facebook just now, it should be done. If people are here and citizens by fraud then as long as they are working, not living off welfare, not committing crime, they can stay but with a fine for their fraud to enter the US. Those who are here and citizens by fraud and not working, living on welfare, committing crime should have their citizenship revoked and they should be sent back immediately…same for Omar….if they have children they can decide whether to leave them in the hands of an adopting family or take the kids with them. I think Trump setting up safe zones in these areas until they become stabilized is a great idea. Families can sign up for asylum from those locations and decisions made at those locations.

  3. Great. Published: http://bit.ly/2y22dm1
    On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 7:06 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “If you have been following the controversy swirling > around the charge that Rep. Ilhan Omar might have committed fraud by > marrying her brother, there might have been a fraud committed years before > that even. Back in 2008 I began a series of reports on t” >

  4. Still not collecting DNA from from migrant detainees!
    A top government watchdog has joined whistleblowers in rebuking U.S. Customs and Border Protection for allegedly failing to collect DNA from detained migrants so the samples could be checked against an FBI database for violent crimes.
    The whistleblowers specifically alleged that the DNA pilot program was put on hold during the Obama administration, and efforts to implement it under the Trump administration were derailed.

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