Media Virtually Silent on Antifa Attack on Saturday

I’ve been writing lately about how the mainstream media is doing a great disservice to us.
Most Americans aren’t spending their whole days combing the internet for news and thus depend on the major media outlets to tell them what is happening in America.
Sadly, they are getting biased and incomplete information about issues that impact them and could ultimately affect the safety and well-being of their loved ones.
Here Leo Hohmann tells us about a near complete black-out by the media power brokers about the shoot-out at an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington on Saturday.
And, Hohmann makes a frightening prediction….

Why Trump must deal with Antifa now, or risk bloodbath later on


van spronsen
Van Spronsen and the John Brown Gun Club (did you even know there were Leftwing/Commie gun clubs?)


In case you haven’t heard, antifa is celebrating its first American martyr.
This is a big deal. Every communist revolutionary movement needs a martyr.
But if you rely on mainstream news, you are probably unaware of what happened on Saturday because there’s been a virtual news blackout by the major media networks.
We’ve been told nothing about the background of the guy who tried to firebomb an ICE detention center Saturday in Tacoma, Washington. Nobody in Congress or the White House is talking about it, either.
On Republican congressional Twitter accounts, you’ll see tweet after tweet on the usual Washington political drivel. Nothing about the 69-year-old domestic terrorist Willem Van Spronsen, a resident of Vashon Island, proud member of antifa and the notorious John Brown Gun Club.
Van Spronsen’s ties to antifa have been completely covered up by the media.
If Trump doesn’t up his game on immigration, and if the economy dips a bit next year, I have real concerns about the 2020 elections.
But there is an even bigger concern than election results.
What happens if nothing is done over the next year to rein in this violent communist movement led by antifa?
It is my belief that the radical wing that now controls the Democrat Party wants to have antifa armed, trained and ready to conduct some serious “house cleaning” after they are finally rid of Donald Trump.

I’ve only snipped a portion of Hohmann’s post, please read it all here.
BTW, Tucker Carlson did cover this story on Fox News last evening.
As I said in my previous post—if you haven’t begun to find a role for yourself in the 2020 Election campaign, it is time!

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9 thoughts on “Media Virtually Silent on Antifa Attack on Saturday

  1. The media is just as responsible for this heinous act as anyone. They incite this violence, glorify and excuse it, and have for years.

  2. CNN says that the John Brown Gun Club is “white, liberal, progressive people, inclusive, friendly to the world.” For folks who don’t know about John Brown, he was considered by most at the time to be a terrorist. His plot was to attack a federal armory and liberate weapons for slaves who would then rise up and kill their white oppressors . . . but in a friendly, inclusive kind of way.

  3. A “left wing commie gun club” is a government operation. Note the “Viking” beards. This is meant to draw in discontented whites to do something stupid. The USG provokes left and right.
    Anything like this, on main media or not, is a USG provocation.

    Ann I sent you a Tweet, not sure if you saw it: “”Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat, 29, was charged with first-degree rape” The home health aide agencies- you know, where they send “nurses” (LPNs, who require merely a high school diploma or equivalent- how many immigrants lie
    about graduating?) This guy- “Nshimiyiana”, apparently owned the nursing care home ” Rose Garden Adult Family Home” in Bothell, WA. There are the aides that work in these facilities and ones that go out to individual homes, this guy worked in the place he owned (was it a refugee grant? one wonders)
    Typhoid in migrant “boy”
    5 cases of typhoid in AZ YTD:
    AZ Dept of Health reportable and communicable diseases weekly report Whooping cough, Tetanus, Polio, Ricketts, Malaria (know anyone with malaria? Yeah me neither)
    It isn’t fear mongering, it’s concern over the extreme astronomical costs these illnesses will burdern the American taxpayer. Imagine a family of poor migrants with children, and SSI granting every child permanent disability due to some debilitating disease- it’s not just the cost of maintaining general health, but the fact they will never contribute to the nation’s giant deficit.

    1. I haven’t been on twitter much lately, but will look for it!

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