Trump Office of Refugee Resettlement Still Doling Out Millions to Specific Ethnic Community Organizations

On a whim, I wondered if the Trump Administration had finally done away with one of the dumbest federal giveaways I’ve run across in my research on the US Refugee Program.
It is called the ‘Ethnic Community Self-Help Grant’ program and it is supposedly to help ‘new Americans’ from certain ethnic groups to assimilate (well, integrate is the word of choice for the Open Borders Left), but in my view the program actually encourages ethnic group separation.

Isuroon “empowers” Somali women in Minnesota and received a grant from you, the US taxpayer, for $180,000 to do their work.  Photo:

And besides, didn’t we hire the nine federal refugee contractors (listed here) to help the refugees get their stuff and to assimilate?
In fact, the real purpose behind the grant program is just like ACORN (remember the community organizers there!), but, in this case, to help refugees get their services (aka welfare) AND to get them engaged in “civic participation” meaning of course to get them involved in local politics and ultimately to become Democrat voters.

See who is getting your money!

(While we have no money to build the wall!)

Here is how the Trump Office of Refugee Resettlement describes the program with the usual euphemisms about helping refugees “integrate” and get their “services”,

The Ethnic Community Self-Help program supports ethnic community-based organizations in providing refugee populations with critical services to assist them in becoming integrated members of American society.
General Background
Throughout the history of the United States, the involvement of refugees and their community-based organizations in resettlement has been critical to integration. Today, these organizations continue to enhance the provision and effectiveness of refugee services. For refugees, their active participation in resettlement is empowering and plays an important role in the integration of the entire refugee community.

Program Description

(Don’t you just love the government gobbledygook! )

The Ethnic Community Self-Help program provides assistance to refugee community-based organizations and other groups that:

Address community building
Facilitate cultural adjustment and integration
Deliver mutually supportive functions
Information exchange
Civic participation
Resource enhancement
Orientation and support to new and established refugees
Public education to the larger community

Ethnic Community Self-Help programs connect newly arrived refugees to community resources. Ethnic Community Self-Help programs target all ORR populations, and all U.S.-based governmental and certified non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

By the way, “Public education to the larger community” means part of their job is to get your minds right about how immigrants should be welcomed!
Below are screenshots of the grants.  Some are up this year and some in 2020.
For those of you who have run a non-profit on the conservative side (and had to raise private money), you will surely find these amounts astronomical!
(These are screenshots so links are not hot.)
Screenshot (945)
Screenshot (946)
Screenshot (947).png

question-mark-1What can you do?  Tell the President that this type of giveaway of our tax dollars has to stop!


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