Dems Encouraged Rioting in 2020!

Watch this video produced in October before Youtube takes it down AGAIN:

Too funny! I saw it on Gab last night and was surprised it was still up at Youtube.  This morning it was gone, but someone had put it up again last night.

So watch quickly and let’s see how fast it comes down!

It is a great reminder as Trump is standing trial for encouraging riots.

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5 thoughts on “Dems Encouraged Rioting in 2020!

  1. Not relevant to the point but funny — it’s amazing how much Nancy Pelosi looks like Michael Jackson.

  2. Yes they did.. And, bailed them out (Ms. Vice President) when they got caught..

    Fomenting violence, destruction of property, and killing? Yes they did..

    Did they take any responsibility for it? NO THEY DID NOT..

    This is the mark of the political trash class… ..and rabid Marxists..

  3. “If Democrats win the mob wins” so they’re trying to impeach Trump. Is it me or are they the ones who are mentally ill?

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