BLM/Antifa March Through Biden’s DC Last Night; Harass Diners; Get Violent with Police

But, wait just a minute, weren’t these angry riots supposed to end once “Orange man” was gone from the White House?  Wasn’t America going to be the land of peace and love once Donald Trump was given the boot via a stolen election.

What! No respect for Biden’s America! 

And, where is the National Guard, busy acting as personal body guards for Pelosi and Schumer at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue?

When I saw this news on Gateway Pundit, I immediately checked to see if any mainstream media was reporting on the latest BLM/Antifa agitation.  Didn’t see a thing!

“Burn it Down!” – BLM-Antifa Terrorists March Through DC, Assault Police Officers, Harass Outdoor Diners (VIDEO)


It’s an inssurection!
This is Biden’s America.

Antifa terrorists marched through Washington DC Saturday night chanting, “Burn it down!”

They want to burn down the city completely controlled by Socialist Democrats?

Go to Gateway Pundit to see the video’s on Twitter.  Since Twitter has blocked my access, I can’t get the links to embed those videos.

Actually now that Twitter has banned Gateway Pundit, I expect they won’t be able to get the links either.

I am on Gab, but haven’t figured out how to link Gabs into my blogs yet.  Alas, too many new things to learn.


Endnote:  You might want to visit RRW today where I spent my limited posting time trying to educate readers about a Trump refugee policy that Breitbart seemed to misunderstand.

I explained that when Trump attempted to reform the Refugee placement process to give state and local governments some say-so in placement, it was mostly the REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS WHO DID NOT BACK TRUMP that went a long way to sink the policy.

Just so you know, the latest Republican darling, SD Governor Kristi Noem, was one of 18 Rs who did not back Trump’s reform effort.

Trump Initiative to Give State and Local Government a Say in Refugee Resettlement was DEAD Before Biden EO

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6 thoughts on “BLM/Antifa March Through Biden’s DC Last Night; Harass Diners; Get Violent with Police

  1. These rioters have been egged on by Maxine Watters, Cory Booker,Kamala Harris especially and many more America haters. Why is Kamal Harris not being impeached for her part in instigating the rioters? She even bails them out of jail. Kamala supporters want to burn DC!

  2. The liberals created a monster. The more it turns on them, the better.

      1. Another one:
        Feb 05 2021
        “Nicole Wallace Suggests Drone Strikes on Deplorables”
        For the past month, we have had it drilled through our heads by the liberal establishment media that the hooligans who took advantage of lax security to riot in the Capitol are domestic terrorists. That same media has relentlessly conflated these alleged terrorists with anyone likely to have voted for Trump.
        This was the second nite in a row that there was a call to drone strike a former president & the deplorables.
        One of the comments and I fear it is on point.
        Nick Dyson • 2 days ago
        Laying the groundwork for whats to come. I expect to see this rhetoric escalate until the military is sufficiantly purged and conditioned to actually follow through. Its coming. I have no doubt.

  3. Love it when Antifa pretends to be for something when they are just paid actors and misfits. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antifa is a case study in PROJECTION. This guy looks and acts like a NAZI Germany, and yet, these are the morons who tell all of us we are Nazis. Hilarious. So classic. Projection. WAKE THE FUP people you idiots. What kind of low level thinking pathetic group sits in ONE PLACE all the time to do damage for their alleged cause?????????????/ ARE you that idiotic? Antifa, seriously, you fools….you come together in ONE Place? Or sometimes Seattle? To do what? Spray paint, march and yell, break a few windows and that’s it? THAT”S IT? YOu SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all you have? In one place? You can’t do this in San Francisco’s elite neighborhoods? You can’t o this where CUOMO lives? Where all these Democrat’s who promised you things they never gave you live? OH THAT”S RIGHT…that’s because you are the BROWN SHIRTS OF THE NAZI DEM party. You are FUNDED by THE NAZI DEMOCRATIC Party. You’re hotels are funded by the Nazi Dem party. We will take antifa seriously when they actually confront Pelosi, Biden etc…for their racism, etc..bu that will never ever ever happen because you see…’s all a game. You are bailed out by the NAzi Democratic party. YOu are all liars and deciever like your father, the father of lies. We see you. The Lord Rebuke you all.

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