RRW: Biden Makes the Announcement, will Raise Refugee Ceiling to 125,000 in Coming Year

And he did that as we learned that the refugees we admitted in recent years are suffering due to joblessness, evictions, and hunger.

America Last!

The number Chairman Joe is proposing is way beyond anything Obama ever did.

Frankly, it is insanity as so many Americans are suffering due to the China virus lockdown that we are going to bring in a number of refugees not seen in nearly 30 years.

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Biden Says He Will Raise Refugee Ceiling “Back Up” to 125,000 as Americans Suffer Joblessness from Chinese Virus Lockdown

And, just yesterday as well: Refugee gang-raped in slum neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio: Refugee Gang-Raped in Low-Income Neighborhood

And, this ten days ago:

Refugees Struggling in America, Yet Biden Promised 125,000 New Refugees in 2021

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One thought on “RRW: Biden Makes the Announcement, will Raise Refugee Ceiling to 125,000 in Coming Year

  1. I guess we have to do what good citizens do. Call or write Chairman Joe at the White House.gov and plead our case. I am sure he won’t listen but at least he has to know how half the country feels. It is a crime for him to add refugees at all given the virus lockdown. I can’t even get a vaccine in my county yet and I am 72. I guess he will put the refugees in the front of the line just like the Pentagon did with Gitmo prisoners. The outcry against it stopped them. We have to do the same.

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