My Blogging Might be Most Useful at Refugee Resettlement Watch

As I have been hinting here, I am slowing down.  There are many many fantastic sites covering fraud especially now as it relates to the massive election fraud we are daily seeing exposed.  With only so much time in a day that I can devote to posting, I’ll concentrate right now at RRW since it really isn’t covered much these days elsewhere.

I have posted 9,557 posts at RRW since 2007 and I need to continue to build on the archives there.

I will still post here, but am driving myself crazy trying to do both.

See yesterday’s post at RRW:

Millions in Africa and Asia Assume Biden/Harris Will Open America’s Gates

This morning I’m working on a post on China and the fact that they don’t want any Middle Eastern refugees (actually they don’t take refugees at all).

One last thing, before the speech police took down RRW I had thousands of subscribers that were lost and I have never regained them. Of course when Trump won in 2016 all of us naturally assumed the refugee controversy was behind us.  It isn’t and now more than ever it will come raging back if Biden/Harris steal the election.

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4 thoughts on “My Blogging Might be Most Useful at Refugee Resettlement Watch

  1. Ann

    Please don’t wear yourself out, stick to RRW. We want you to continue, it is amazing what you have done since 2007. I am amazed that you have the energy given the current state of the Presidency. He had made so much progress and to have it all taken away is so depressing. Keep up the good fight.

    1. I will hang in for awhile. And, btw, I am going to DC for the rally this Saturday (if all goes well) and will report here.

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