Dems Find My E-mail Address and Send Me Junk Like This All Day

Has this happened to you?  Somehow the Democrats have acquired my e-mail address so that many times a day I am treated to junk like this below.

I wonder where I shopped or where I visited that resulted in my now being on their lists.

In some ways it is okay because it has been kind of an eye-opener to see just what they are telling their fellow Lefties as they desperately look for more voters (and more MONEY!).

I will mark them as spam eventually, but in the meantime I’m getting a clearer view of how nasty these Democrat women are.

Getting desperate? I guess they have nothing other than name-calling—“anti-woman bigot Mike Pence.”

Fake polls….

LOL! I guess I will now have to vote NO, I don’t approve of Kamala Harris, and see what happens!

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7 thoughts on “Dems Find My E-mail Address and Send Me Junk Like This All Day

  1. Hello Ann,

    Each time you click on any of these “emails” or “notices” or “pop-ups, your computer’s “signature” – the ID that is unique to YOUR computer – Google (and whoever these pop-ups or messages originated from) have succeeded in “grabbing onto” your identity – and all that goes with it!

    I NEVER respond to these “messages” (of any type) because I know what “their” intent and MOTIVES are.

    Just ignore all of it!

  2. I get them all the time just to see what they are saying and up to. I fill out their polls just to screw with their numbers telling them I am voting for Biden.

    They are mean and I do not know how anyone can believe them.

  3. You might also want to mention that Kamala Harris is not qualified to run for vice-president – or to become president should Biden get the heave-ho. Why? Because she is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States. Neither one of her parents were U.S. citizens when she was born. Her father still had Jamaican citizenship and her mother still had Indian citizenship. I wish more people would have something to say about this. Just because the Demonrats allowed OBummer to get away with it does not mean that this should be allowed in our country.

  4. I have never in my life visited so much as a single Liberal or Democratic Party website or blog, and have visited literally tens of thousands of Conservative and Republican sites, and yet when I get on YouTube, EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL COMMERCIAL they throw at me—damn near every COMMERCIAL , is of Stacey Abrams—never any other Democrat—panhandling me for money. And they come without fail about every 3-5 minutes. So if I watch, say, five 20-minute YT videos, I’ll get bombarded with Stacey Abrams 20 TIMES, and of course, I’ll have to drop everything and click “SKIP” 20 times. Never, EVER, do I see an ad for Trump or the Republicans, or indeed for any of the thousands of conservative causes I visit on the rest of the Web. Once in a great while, I’ll see one from the Epoch times. And I’ll get plenty of “polls” (eg, “Should Schiff step down?”, etc.). But never a Trump campaign commercial, ever. WTF is the Republican Party THINKING??

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