Pro-Immigration Church Awarded $1 million from Tyson Foods

Grants are “given to organizations that are advancing the cause of lasting change for our society.”

(Tyson press release, September 1, 2020)

If you have followed Refugee Resettlement Watch for the last decade you know that Tyson Foods is one of a handful of BIG MEAT companies with global reach that depends heavily on low-skilled migrant workers for a constantly overturning workforce.

And, while we are all focused on the election, the Chinese Virus and burning cities (as we should be!), pro-immigrant churches (the religious Left) and other non-profits are continuing their quiet work of changing America by changing the people.

For more than you ever wanted to know about Tyson Foods, go here at RRW.

Earlier this year the Tyson Foods plant in Logansport, Indiana was closed due to a huge percentage of the workforce testing positive for the Chinese Virus.


Now this, from the Wesleyan Church:

Immigrant Connection receives $1 million corporate donation


Tyson Foods announced on September 1 that Immigrant Connection (IC), a nonprofit affiliated with The Wesleyan Church, was one of five organizations “advancing the cause of lasting change for our society” awarded $1 million. The Equal Justice Initiative, The Executive Leadership Council, The National Urban League and The Smithsonian were the other four. IC was the only organization voted a recipient by Tyson Food team members.

Wow! Zach Szmara has a direct pipeline to God

“Apart from God, this is utterly unimaginable,” said Immigrant Connection Director Rev. Zach Szmara. “To even be in the same conversation as organizations like The National Urban League, The Executive Leadership Council, The Smithsonian and The Equal Justice Initiative is a witness to two profound truths I have learned — God has favorites, and immigrants are one of his ‘favorite four’ (the poor, the widow, the orphan and the foreigner living among us).

God absolutely loves seeing the marginalized lifted up in counter-cultural ways so he receives all the glory that he is due.”

An employee at Tyson Foods, which has a plant in Logansport, Indiana, where Szmara also pastors The Bridge Church [see photo above about the plant closure there—ed], relayed to Szmara that he has “never encountered anything like Immigrant Connection” — that IC is doing important work that is needed and is making a difference.

Twenty-one IC sites have been launched in Wesleyan churches within the U.S. since its inception in 2014. Two new locations are pending approval as IC sites with the U.S. Department of Justice.***

More than 8,000 immigrants from over 125 countries have been assisted through IC which has become the largest Protestant church-based immigrant legal aid organization in the United States.

More here.

***I did not know what this was about: “approval” from the DOJ?  So I looked around and found that the US Department of Justice has an entire branch that helps immigrants connect with legal services, see here.  I suspect there is federal grant money involved as well.

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5 thoughts on “Pro-Immigration Church Awarded $1 million from Tyson Foods

  1. I’ve been aware of Tyson foods Libtard ways for quite some time. That’s why when I go to the grocery story I read labels. If Tyson is anywhere on that label……I do not buy it.
    As a senior I can’t and won’t get out and march.
    I fight back with my wallet and if something is especially egregious, I write the company.

    Everyone keeps focusing on the rioters…..without thinking “who is funding them?”

    Money makes the world go round…..the rioters are just the tools of the Globalists rich….

  2. Given the President’s tweet yesterday about “critical race theory”, one should check to see if the left churches engage in the (I know the Episcopal Church does). If so, that makes them ineligible for federal grants.

    1. Oh very interesting. Problem is that there is no one to police (and blow the whistle on) all these non-profits.

    2. This is why I no longer buy any Tyson products.
      If they have so much money to give away I can give them a very long list of AMERICAN PEOPLE AND COMPANIES to donate to.
      Veteran affairs,
      Cancer patients, etc….just for starters.


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