Is the Fawning Coverage of RBG Making You Sick?

I know, I know, it isn’t kosher to speak ill of the dead, but really, can we now stop gushing over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

I began paying a little attention to her while writing many posts at Refugee Resettlement Watch about the hellhole that South Africa has become since Nelson Mandela and his ilk took over the country and turned it into a supposed Nirvana, claiming it is now the “rainbow nation” where love and peace reign and fairness for all is written in their constitution.

(If you haven’t seen my archive on the “rainbow nation” click here.)

Have a look at that constitution (it says everyone has a right to everything!) and you will see why Africans from across that continent flooded there only to experience xenophobia on a level greater than any country in the world.

Ginsburg reportedly praised that commie constitution over the US Constitution, although her fan base claimed her comments were taken out of context.  See Foreign Policy for one version of the 2012 controversy.

One writer who isn’t sending air kisses to Ginsburg is Frank Miele opining at Heartland Diary (hat tip: Paul):

RBG has a remarkable legacy — but so do Lenin and Mao. Please stop praising her if you are a conservative!

Democrats are accusing Republicans of being hypocritical, and they are, but not because they want to vote to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg during an election year.

The real reason they are hypocritical is because they don’t have the cojones to call Ginsburg what she was — a hard-left Democrat extremist who was only interested in using her position on the Supreme Court to fundamentally transform the United States into a politically correct, disarmed socialist republic. Her support for a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn child is partly responsible for the deaths of millions of babies.

How do Republican senators square that with their effusive praise of her? Simple. As I already said — hypocrisy. Can you imagine Democrats praising Donald Trump as the most significant president of the last 75 years (or more) when he dies? Hell no, because the Democrats know he was their sworn enemy. Republicans are too cowardly to tell the truth about Ginsburg.

A random sampling of the Republican praise for Ginsburg should prove the point:

Go here to read it all!

Thank God we have Trump in the White House!  Almost every other Republican you can think of (if he/she was President at this auspicious moment in history) would be tucking tail and running and attempting to show that they are good people by not pushing forward with a nominee for Ha! Ha! “Ginsburg’s seat!”

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13 thoughts on “Is the Fawning Coverage of RBG Making You Sick?

  1. I do not honor Ruthie…..she has on her head millions of babies whose lives were stopped in the womb…..and continues to this day.
    I’m sick of the slobbery praise of her….any advancement she made for women in any field was negated by her support and advocacy for abortion…..Ruthie failed to notice that a great deal of those unborn children were girls.
    She also publicly made snarky comments about President Trump….funny, I didn’t see her do that to Obama (hard Left corrupt Globalist with his pal Biteme) or any other Democrat.

    1. I do not for one minute think of Ruthie as a good person. She was a great part of the wholesale destruction of unborn children….that continues today. There was no humanity in that woman.
      And if that so-called death bed wish was true…..then she was more controlling and rabidly indoctrinated than we knew. I can think of a lot of things I would say on my death bed….like asking the Lord to forgive my sins. She was so arrogant….all she could think of was trying to stop President Trump from being elected.

      However, I still think that came from Puklosi to the granddaughter….

  2. THANK YOU….Finally someone with the backbone not to bend over and kiss butt just because you wish to call “a spade a spade.” She was not especially a “spade” but a plain ole SHOVEL pushing her Liberal policies through just to appease that Democratic bunch Thank You.

  3. Republicans are like southerners, you will never know if they don’t like you because they will be polite and nice all the while saying “Bless her heart”.

  4. Hillary Clinton said to Trump:
    “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg just died, and I would very much like to take her place”
    Trump said:
    “Well, it’s alright with me, if it’s ok with the funeral parlor” 😉

  5. She said the Talmud was on her bedside table and she read it daily. There are 63 volumes of Talmudic writings so I don’t know what edition she read daily. But she was true to her religious beliefs in wanting to lower the age of sexual consent. According to the Talmud it is just fine for a 3 y o to be married to a rabbi, there’s a debate between two rabbis about how many days for a 3 y o to stop bleeding after entry into a 3 y o vagina. If a girl less than 3 y o is penetrated it is just like poking the eye to which tears return again and again. It is likewise okay for a woman to have sex with a less than 9 y o boy.

  6. Thanks for the referral to my website at I’ve been a fan of your work for years, so that makes it extra special. Looks like President Trump will prevail on his Supreme Court nomination. Next, he has to crush the socialist uprising!

    1. Thanks Frank for those kind words. Agreed that it is looking good for the Prez on his pick and it seems the Dems know they are going to lose this one.

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