Have You had your Second Tower Moment Yet?

A great phrase which for me crystallizes in one question and eight words where we are today.


Do not miss the guest column by Dr. William Scott Magill & Lawrence Allen at World Net Daily posted a couple of days ago.

Have you had your Second Tower Moment yet?

Few who were alive at the time can forget the moment the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11. Over the intervening 18 minutes, people remarked that there were 10,000 people in those buildings on any given workday. And some talked about a B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building in dense fog in 1945. Nearly all were wondering how those kinds of accidents can still happen in the 21st century. In those tense minutes, everyone knew something was terribly wrong, but they were in a First Tower Mentality.

When the second plane hit the South Tower, everyone suddenly had a Second Tower Mentality. They didn’t need to hear about the Pentagon or Flight 93 or see reports about who al-Qaida and the Taliban were. That would come later. All knew when that second plane hit – America was under attack.

Many feel precisely the same way today: Americans and our constitutional republic are under attack. But not from strange foreign adversaries with names that took practice to pronounce.

Instead, it’s an attack from “Enemies Domestic” right here at home – household names like CNN, Nancy Pelosi, Seattle Mayor Durkan, California Gov. Newsom, your local faceless city council members, Soros-selected district attorneys and the usual suspects of academics, race hustlers and deep state operatives at all levels of government. Like al-Qaida, they are working to rob you of the blessings of your birthright, your liberty, your livelihood. Their goal is to: destroy your safety and security; burn down our nation; erase Western civilization history; and destroy our way of life so they can enforce their tyrannical form of government in a socialized world without borders.

We are under attack.

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Do you remember how you felt on September 11, 2001, and have you arrived at your “second tower moment”—the 2020 version?

If so, can you say exactly when that happened?

But, more importantly as authors Magill and Allen ask, are you “cowering in place, curled up in the fetal position, relieved that at least, “they haven’t come for me yet”?

Let me know by commenting to this post what you are doing to prepare!

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9 thoughts on “Have You had your Second Tower Moment Yet?

      1. I wept that night (the night Bill Clinton was elected in 1992) and said, “This is the end of America as we know it.” So, when the second plane hit nine years later, I fell to my knees in the hallway of the upscale private school where I worked, and cried out to God for mercy on our nation. We’ve had a little reprieve but I believe Judgement Day is near. In the meantime I have true prepper relatives and I’ve taken much of their counsel. I won’t survive an apocalypse and won’t be much help in the physical survivalist sense. I hope my Christian faith and walk will be fruitful to at least some.

  1. Ah, yes, that moment. Can’t give all details, but glad to say I jumped into action quickly (not a first responder by any means) in that “second tower moment.” Clearly, we didn’t learn terribly much from that momnt — as we’re mired in even more perilous times now.

    At present, am quietly doing the usual “preps”– you can find a ton of great videos on YouTube by folks such as

    Patriot Nurse

    southernprepper1 (latest video talksda bout speeding up your projects (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaojdYvByEk)

    Good Patriot (she has a great sense of humor as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayHXSBAVWL4)

    Jason Kohne is another to follow; he and his folks have been compiling lists of personal wellbeing tips for a good while: https://www.youtube.com/c/NoWhiteGuilt/videos

    BL Ranch (The American Fireteam) also puts together very digestible and informational material from the lost Northwest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7daK7D3FGb674W1R6nVAw

    You surely know Colin Flaherty, Mark Dice, Black Pigeon Speaks, Sargon of Akkad, VDare, The Great Order (https://thegreatorder.com/shows/) , WAC (https://www.whiteartcollective.com/about). Give them all your attention (as well as our wonderful Ann, of course!)

    Also check out the book “Strategic Relocation” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HewwI7cX1yg Lots of data, but still drills down to the point of creating a post-downfall source of income for yourself, find the right states to move to, and the like.

    Once you start watching those, your algorithm should catch up and give you more relevant videos. Plenty of experts are talking about use of force if in that unfortunate situation.

    Obvy, get your tools of choice (“Buy All the Guns Now” https://pjmedia.com/columns/stephen-kruiser/2020/06/04/the-morning-briefing-buy-all-the-guns-now-america-n489436)

    All in all, keep your spirits up, prepare for a better future, enjoy your life now, and dig deep into your heritage to share with your family, very trusted friends and any others you might be able to work with your in “mutual assistance group” https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mutual+assistance+group

    And for God’s sake, kill all media. Remove that Netflix account and any other pervasive negative influence. Put that money into folks who love you, not wish you gone. Maybe buy some cool threads from Lana’s Llama and sub to Red Ice TV: https://lanasllama.com/ Grab some great books from Ostara Publications (https://ostarapublications.com/), Tomato Bubble or Shotwell Publishing, too.

    Enjoy Every Day!

    1. Thank you so much, I am so excited to get started on your watching/reading list!

  2. Yes i remember very well was working at Fort Dix,NJ a the time doing a heating job in the Fed Prison foremen came to me come with me right now we are being attacked went up to the prisoners day room tv was on prisoners where crying i could not believe what i was seeing on the tv saw 2nd plane come in and hit the tower,guards came in and said we had to get out now where escorted out of the prison complete mayhem on Fort Dix where able to leave the facility. Will never forget i have fought in Vietnam been around the world never expected this to happen in our country and yes it did and yes we are being attacked again.Ann thank you for what you do i do every day for keeping us aware of the war that is going on right now in our country,BillT

  3. Second Tower moment indeed..

    I live in Minnesota, at least for a short while longer, after almost 50 years here.. The place is unrecognizable..

    I have a ‘Second Tower’ moment every day now. And, I am not exaggerating even one bit. This is a MANUFACTURED War Zone now..

    Town by town, city by city, the MN Governor Walz, Keith Ellison, Jaylani Hussein (MN CAIR), Mpls. Mayor Jacob Frey-baby, St Paul Mayor – ‘The National Anthem is an ode to slavery’, Melvin Carter, PLAN is in full bloom now, and the collateral damage is everywhere..

    And, when the George Floyd death SCAM comes into full view shortly, the last mass riot will look like a Boy Scout jamboree, compared to the last one, which began on May 26th, resulting in the destruction of over 150 buildings, countless insano-world incidences of violence, etc..

    Please do not misunderstand me here.. It is sad that he died, but he was not murdered.. ..He was not blameless.. He was also the farthest distance from ‘sainthood’ of any character I have ever seen USED and PORTRAYED falsely as a hero of ‘The Left’ I have ever witnessed.. The PARTIAL MPD body cam footage and transcript is out there now, confirming my initial theory, with MN AG Kieth ELLISON holding back, and hiding the rest for the moment.. ..For the moment..

    Result? The great Minnesota lie – AGAIN (See Philando Castile SCAM) – has lit the entire country on fire, AGAIN.. Something else would have surely been used to manufacture this pre-election chaos.. But, leave it to the crazies in Minnesota ‘leadership’ to lead the nation right into the anarchist driven attempt at a coup De’ Tat’, and national Marxist created toilet we now see everywhere.

    Now the Minnesota TARGETS relating to those mentioned above, have expanded to Stillwater, MN – Rochester, Duluth, St Cloud, Waite Park, Willmar, Brainerd, Baxter, Byron, Fergus Falls, Owatonna, Mankato, Buffalo, and ground zero in Minneapolis and St Paul of course..

    I literally speak with City Council members, and Law Enforcement personnel all over Minnesota on a weekly basis these days, and offer irrefutable proof to all of them that they have been made a TARGET, and they are ‘being played’ as they say, with a qualified WARNING, that they need to ‘suit up’, ‘gear up’, ‘Alamo up’, and prepare to defend themselves, and the good citizens of their respective cities, towns, communities, and County’s.. ..They are listening now..

    Now, Ellison, Walz, and Hussein, are proposing legislation MN (HF 3837), which would make today’s commentary ‘ILLEGAL’.. ..Via..’Hate Speech’ – ‘Blasphemy law’s’ – ‘Social Media Site Monitoring’ – and making it a Hate Crime’, to actually NOTICE out loud any of this.. Think I am exaggerating? Think again..

    It may be too late for Minnesota now..

    ..I have a ‘Second Tower’ moment every day..


    VOTE TRUMP IN 2020

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