Don’t Miss Latest Rep. Ilhan Omar News! Claim She was Raising Money for a Food Drive was False

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has all the gory details:

Minnesota imam confirms Rep. Ilhan Omar improperly raised cash from his charity meals program

Shortly after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz issued a “stay-at home” order on March 25, local Imam Tawakal Ismail partnered with 115-year-old charity GMCC to deliver meals to seniors and disabled individuals in immediate risk of hunger.

On April 9, GMCC’s website announced the meal program’s partners and major donors. The list included the imam’s charitable organization Darul Hadiith, and GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare program.

Absent from the list: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, or any other elected official or candidate.

This was intentional. Responding to questions via phone and email, Imam Tawakal states that the project is strictly “charity work,” and that he has been explicitly rejecting political partnerships and forbidding campaign photo or video opportunities.

On May 5, GMCC posted a formal news release announcing the program’s growth and success, and again listing partners and major donors. No political campaigns had joined, as expected.

Unexpectedly, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this fundraising appeal the same day….

See her tweet and read it all!

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Latest Rep. Ilhan Omar News! Claim She was Raising Money for a Food Drive was False

  1. Rep. Ilhan Omar is a crook and thief, in her home country such punishment would result in either losing her right hand or buried up to her neck and stoned. This woman thinks she is above the law until US Marshals snap the cuffs on her and drag her before a Trump appointed Federal Judge.

  2. Hopefully her district sees fit to replace her, a disgrace to Minnesota, the country and
    our President, then you have our governor opening Indian Casinos and still putting
    churchs, schools, business, on hold, and people wonder why we have high taxes

  3. Everyone needs to read the book American Ingrate – Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-
    Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party by Benjamin Weingarten. Eye-opening.

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