"Maryland Men" Indicted for Stealing $8 Millon from FEMA, Money Meant for Disaster Victims

They really aren’t Maryland men, but likely Nigerians based on their names and the fact that one of the men involved in the scheme purchased cars and shipped them to Nigeria (on your dime)!  (Secret decoder ring at work!)
I searched for photos of the accused, but as usual their pictures are no where to be found. (If you find the alleged scammers’ mugshots, please send my way!).
Here is the story that appeared in the Washington Post, but was picked up all over the country.  The Nigerian tip-off comes near the end.  (Hat tip: TwoLaine)

Prosecutors: Group swindled $8M designated for hurricane and wildfire victims


In Maryland – far from where the California wildfires and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria struck – a group of residents managed to scam the federal government out of $8 million in relief funds designated for those who needed it most, according to prosecutors.

wildfire victims
Money meant for California wildfire victims ended up in the hands of African scammers!

The money was supposed to be for those who needed to rebuild their lives.
In the wake of massive hurricanes and wildfires that pummeled the United States in recent years, the federal government made relief funds available for those who found themselves uprooted amid the rubble of charred or washed-out homes.
But in Maryland – far from where the California wildfires and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria struck – a group of residents managed to scam the federal government out of $8 million in relief funds designated for those who needed it most, according to prosecutors. Members of the group, prosecutors allege, were part of a scheme that stole the identity of disaster victims and applied for victim benefits – to pay their own rents, buy cars or make personal purchases.
John Irogho, 38, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, according to federal prosecutors. Odinaka Ekeocha, 33, of Laurel, Maryland, has been charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering. Their arrests come a few weeks after another Maryland man, Tare Stanley Okirika, 30, of Laurel, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, admitting that he fraudulently obtained government benefits to pay his rent and for other expenses, according to court documents.
green dot
To better understand how the scam worked.  See the Justice Department Press Release here:  https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pr/two-maryland-men-facing-federal-indictment-their-roles-scheme-allegedly-stole-government

The scheme relied heavily on “Green Dot” prepaid cards, according to prosecutors and court records. Those eligible for emergency benefits from the Federal Emergency Management Agency could opt to claim the funding through the cards that can be purchased at local grocery or convenience stores and registered to receive cash, court documents state.
Between 2016 and 2018, the group filed false claims for disaster relief and purchased hundreds of Green Dot cards to claim the money using the stolen identities of victims impacted by various disasters around the country, the government said. The documents do not detail how the stolen identities were obtained.
At least 16 victims from California, Georgia, Florida and Texas were listed in Okirika’s case, according to his indictment. Investigators with the U.S. Secret Service said he used some of the fraudulently obtained money to buy cars and ship them to Nigeria.

More here.
Of course none of these media accounts (or the Justice Department press release!) identify the alleged fraudsters as Nigerians or mention their immigration status.
How did these creeps get in here in the first place?
And, is this what the New American Economy claims is the entrepreneurial spirit migrants bring to America?

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  1. It’s truly unbelievable, and makes me really mad—more than even most such articles. Almost as much as the Nigerian serial killer that murdered a dozen sweet old white ladies. That look like your mom!! And of course Nigerians in particular, WELL more than natives of ANY other country, including those in Russia and Eastern Europe, have been scamming hundreds of thousands of Americans for decades via the internet. For natives of failed states with no law, ruled by corrupt tribal strongmen, criminality is the dominant, ruling strategy, pursued by millions.

  2. DOJ Press Release:
    Contact: Marcia Murphy
    ph: (410) 209-4854
    I wonder if Marcia would tell us if there are deportation holds on these criminals, and if this type of tyheft is a common occurrence. How many other cases are there that we have never heard of?
    There must be a newsletter that says, Come to America where you can steal ands swindle your way to the top, but don’t get caught or you will get a slap on the hand, a cot, and 3 squares a day, plus health and dental.
    Speaking of which, you could literally run this scam from prison. There should be tighter controls on this entire program. It should be like a SNAP card where only certain qualified purchses can be made.
    Here is the charging doc for Tare Stanley Okirika, age 30:
    Here info on John Irogho, age 38:
    United States v. Irogho (8:19-cr-00370)
    Includes surrender of passport
    Oracle Database Administrator at Brontech Solutions’s IT
    On Odinaka Ekeocha, age 33:
    Oracle DBA

    1. BTW, I’m convinced that they teach classes in Africa and the Middle East called Scamming America 101!

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