New York State Luring Refugees to Populate Dying Cities

I think some of you in refugee overloaded states might like this news!

The Big Lie: In 2005 the UN said Utica was being saved by refugees. Still trying to save the place nearly 15 years later?

And, native New Yorkers might see this as a great time to pack up and head south for lower taxes and more pleasant weather (many have already!).
The State of New York is actively luring refugees from other states and officials there claim cities are dying and they need low wage workers (and more ethnic groceries and craft shops!) to stop the slow bleed from their decrepit cities.
And, who is going to pay for all of the ‘services’ New York state is offering refugees to move there (called secondary migration in the refugee industry).
No one has ever given me a good argument for why certain struggling cities can’t just be left to die!
Check out one of my many posts at RRW on New York’s dying cities, like Utica.

From the New York Times which takes the opportunity to whack the President,

UTICA, N.Y. — Over the past few decades, as a manufacturing decline left homes vacant and storefronts dark, New York’s upstate cities opened their doors to refugees. The influx, while modest, gave new life to neighborhoods, helped alleviate labor shortages and shored up city budgets.
But that rejuvenating bounce for cities such as Utica, Buffalo and Syracuse ended after the Trump administration drastically cut the number of refugees allowed into the country. New York received 1,281 refugees in the last fiscal year, compared with 5,026 just two years before, according to the State Department. Officials in those cities worried they had lost a small but important bulwark against population decline.
Now, some are testing out a new strategy: luring refugees who have settled in other parts of the United States to move to New York. They are advertising job placement, English language and housing services, hoping to draw enough people to offset the shortfall.
But as the pool of refugees shrinks under President Trump, New York has positioned itself to have an advantage over other places. Cuts in federal funding meant resettlement agencies in other parts of the country had to shrink or close.
In New York, the state stepped in and has been funding those agencies since 2017. They now can provide services to more refugees, an incentive for people to move to New York from elsewhere. [And, who pays for the services?—ed]

So how long do you think the ‘new Americans’ will allow Republican Picente and his type to stay in office once they have political power.

“If the message gets out that we have job opportunities, and it’s a great place to raise a family, that’s what we want,” said Anthony Picente, the Oneida County executive, a Republican whose county includes Utica. “That is the message we are moving out there.”
“Why are we capping the legal point of entry unless we can’t handle them, and no one is saying we can’t handle them?” Mr. Picente said.
Since assuming office, Mr. Trump has sharply reduced the number of refugees. The cap was set at 30,000 this fiscal year, down from 110,000 in the last fiscal year of the Obama administration. It is the lowest ceiling a president has ever placed on refugee admissions.

Bipartisan appeal because the Republican Chamber of Commerce types want the cheap labor!

In an era when immigration policy has drawn sharp political lines throughout the country, enticing refugees to New York has held bipartisan local appeal.
Between 1950 and 2000, Rochester and Syracuse lost roughly 30 percent of their populations, Utica lost about 40 percent of inhabitants and Buffalo lost half its residents, according to the New York State comptroller’s office. Buffalo’s decline was the fourth highest nationwide.
But as refugees moved into abandoned homes and leased empty storefronts, deserted neighborhoods in these cities started to transform — although these towns have not seen enough growth to reach population numbers of nearly 70 years ago.

Oh joy! Ethnic supermarkets and trinket shops!

Today, Buffalo’s Grant Street, which was once near vacant, bustles with supermarkets and craft stores that serve many of the immigrants who have moved into the surrounding neighborhood. The street’s West Side Bazaar, a popular lunch and shopping spot, is filled with vendors who sell hand-woven tapestries and beaded jewelry, while the smell of Ethiopian spices and Malaysian ramen from its food court waft through the room.
The effort to draw more people to New York includes an advertising campaign targeted toward the Facebook groups, WhatsApp chats and newspapers that are run by refugees, who officials hope will spread the word in their communities. One resettlement agency, the International Institute of Buffalo, created a recruitment video that features picturesque rows of houses dotted with fall foliage and residents boasting about the city.

NY stealing bodies from PA!

Abdiwahab Awayle, 36, first moved to Erie, Pa., in 2017 from a refugee camp in Kenya. But after three months he stopped receiving government help to learn English and to find a job.
“I make more money now. I can take better care of my family, and now I am telling my friends in Pennsylvania they need to come here,” said Mr. Awayle, who now works in a retail store outside the city.

There is much more here.
You might want to see the UN report published in 2005 that said the refugees had saved Utica.
The report was employed as part of a propaganda campaign to convince other cities that they could stop the population “hemorrhage” by welcoming migrants of all stripes.  But, you tell me how does importing poverty help a city?
One way—-the presence of poverty (low income workers) brings FEDERAL tax dollars to the city and state! It is simply a redistribution of wealth!
Remember! Nancy Pelosi once famously said that food stamps stimulate local economies!

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10 thoughts on “New York State Luring Refugees to Populate Dying Cities

  1. Ann,
    I benefit from getting your posts, but I must say I wonder if you really mean struggling cities should be left to die?
    You do a lot of good sharing your research with others, but this would be more beneficial and you would be more credible if you just shared the links to the news articles and connected stories with other stories, leaving out personal remarks and emotions. The facts can speak for themselves.
    I find it difficult to pass information along to those who think all immigration is wonderful if there are negative comments from the researcher embedded in the posts.
    Thanks for all the good information you ferret out. It is much appreciated.
    Linda Huhn

    1. Thanks Linda, Appreciate your comments. I could sure get a lot more posted if I just put out links to stories in the news, but the fun of blogging is that it is a form of spouting off! I liken blogging to what Rush Limbaugh does verbally. Just being a clipping service doesn’t appeal to me. And, remember that since I work for no one and don’t get paid for my work, it at least has to be fun for me! And, since the stories I refer to are linked, you can just send that link to your friends and don’t tell them where you got it!
      And, what is wrong with letting some city die?

    2. Rather than refilling struggling cities with anti-western migrants, yes, struggling cities should be left to die. Our native birth rates have decreased with the economic ability to sustain them. The super wealthy want infinite population and economic growth from which they profit immensely. Normal people want an adaptive, stable economy that accommodates us – not the insatiable desires of the super wealthy nor the Third World that comprises billions of people of disparate religious, political, educational, tribal conflicts. Ann writes a blog and is perfectly entitled and expected to share her personal perspective. Duh, blog.

  2. Remember! Nancy Pelosi once famously saidthat food stamps stimulate local economies! Really???
    This is why we left the suburbs of Rochester and moved to NC! Cuomo is killing New York!

  3. Funny how, even in an article like this, they have to mention the New York state mantra of “it’s a great place to raise a family”. I both lived and worked in both Erie, PA and Western New York and I never understood how the people in New York state ever came up with that–you hear it all the time out there for some reason. At least the folks in Erie tend to admit the place pretty much sucks. Get a load of some of those comments in the original article that the NYT tries to push to the forefront–the ones with folks extolling the virtues of high taxes and condemning the fools who don’t and think its nifty to leave the state. Those are not trolls–the state is full of them. They like the abuse. Never pity or argue with the suckers who choose to stay there–they’ll defend it to the death.
    Real Americans left those areas for a reason and the “migrants” (or whatever you want to call them) probably will too when they get the chance. If we are truly obliged to take in all these parasites from other countries, I can’t think of a better region to hole all of them up, on the condition that they and their progeny stay there indefinitely. The weather is terrible or gloomy for a good part of the year and the infrastructure is hopelessly outdated and trashed. No hope, although to Erie’s credit, they at least tried to attract business and keep the place alive legitimately. Never totally understood NY, though–the place is almost like a socialist country, frozen in time in some parts. I think the Indians might have cursed the place.
    Just think of the reasons these old towns came to be what they were in the fist place. Being near a lake or a river is of little or no value now and, like I said, the weather is awful. They served their purpose and it would be much nicer to tear down the crumbling buildings and make something nice in their place (or nothing at all) instead of importing poverty to fill them up.

    1. Thanks for all of that first hand information. I agree, who said we have to save them all?

  4. Revised and corrected copy.. (sorry about that)
    …Not just in New York State dear friends..
    With the interesting assistance of several extremely ‘left wing organizations’, like ALANA, The Blandin Foundation, ‘Growth & Justice’, and a few more, Minnesota’s Governor Walz, and MN AG Ellison, have launched their – repopulate (colonize) Minnesota’s rural towns and cities, starting with Olivia, Minnesota (2,00 people), 3 weeks ago..
    They are also using a tax leverage dangling carrot, to persuade the small town farmers, dairy, and ranchers to ‘donate (GIFT) their land to these so-called ‘non-profit Foundations’, for a ‘charitable gifting’ tax break now, while they still work and live on the land, UNTIL THEY DIE of course.
    They also promise them, that there will be massive ‘grant money’ provided’ to the towns, for ‘revitalized & store front improvement’, and so on and so on down the ‘con artists toilet’ they go..
    All they (City Council and mayors) have to do, is to accept huge number of ‘immigrants’ from God-knows-where (legal and otherwise), to be ‘para-shooted’ into their ‘communities’, while the citizens of that small town ‘community’ are looking the other way…
    All they need to find, is whomever will be the ‘Judas’ in their community governance ranks to accept ‘the 30 pieces of Silver” in order to get it all wrapped up in a nice neat bow for them
    At that time (death or leaving the community) the ‘Foundation(s)’ take over, and we have checkmate in favor of ‘Heir Walz’, MN AG Ellison, MN Secretary of State, Steve Simon, MN CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein, a number of republicans too, and all the rest of the slime we have allowed to commandeer the Minnesota body-politic.
    This is a page right out of the Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), Cloward & Piven writings, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and Karl Marx, playbook(s)..
    Please read Trevor Loudon’s ‘Red Minnesota’…distributed by The Center for Security Policy, and Frank Gaffney..
    The ‘Red’ Paved the Way for the ‘Green’: Minnesota Case Study Uncovers Hard-Left Roots of Islamic Surge – August 21, 2018 Center for Security Policy
    Welcome to OUR Minnesota Nightmare America..

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