Louisiana: New American Food Stamp Fraudster Allegedly Hired a Hit Man to Kill Baby in the Womb

What the heck is going on in Alexandria, Louisiana?  Just yesterday we gave you an update of a Middle Easterner ripping off Medicaid there and now comes news via Creeping Sharia that another man who appears to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity is in big time trouble with the law on two fronts.

Louisiana food stamp fraud
Mohammad Z. Abudayeh! How did he get into the US is what I want to know!

The alleged perpetrator of two crimes, Mohammad Z. Abudayeh, is 25-years-old and already owns a convenience store.
I hope federal investigators are going beyond just busting food stamp fraud and are trying to figure out where the money is coming from that allows new American creeps like this to invest in stores I believe for the sole purpose of scamming us—infidel taxpayers!

Here is some of the news from Town Talk (part of the USA Today network),

Alexandria attempted feticide suspect accused of fraud, racketeering

An Alexandria man, already in jail for allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend’s unborn baby, now stands accused of racketeering, more than $1 million in food-stamp fraud and more.
Rapides Parish District Attorney Phillip Terrell announced the March 14 arrest of 25-year-old Mohammad Z. Abudayeh at a Wednesday morning press conference.
“The reason this is so important to the people of our parish, the people of our state, is because the taxpayers deserve to not have people steal the benefits that are meant for people who are less fortunate, the people who really deserve them,” said Terrell as he was surrounded by investigators from his office, Louisiana State Police and the Department of Children and Family Services.
“Additionally, certainly, stealing from poor people, in our minds, is about as low as you can get.”
Abudayeh remains in the Rapides Parish Detention Center on the new charges of unauthorized use of supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits, computer fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and racketeering.

Continue reading here.  Learn how he allegedly sought to terminate his girlfriend’s pregnancy.
Of usual there is ZERO mention of Mohammad’s nationality or immigration status.

This story should be in front of the entire country, but it won’t be, so you need to get it out through your networks.
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2 thoughts on “Louisiana: New American Food Stamp Fraudster Allegedly Hired a Hit Man to Kill Baby in the Womb

  1. Ann refugees, immigrants asylees receive HUB grants (I know they exist, but finding it online was not easy- I’ll look for it later) there’s also this: https://web.archive.org/web/20150127025400/http://dioceserroseattle.org:80/servicesoffered/jumpstartfund.html “Jump Start Fund”. There is a program specifically for refugees that funds any child care business. There are so many grants & very low interest loans for them! We can’t get them, or if we try we have to navigate through arcane systems that practically wear out the person searching for information. The refugees, migrants & asylees have personal aides & groups that seek out every benefit they may be eligible for. By the way, Ive read on comment boards, other places that “undocumented not eligible for food stamps/EBT” maybe technically- but not in real life. Does anyone remember the outrage when flyers & brochures were printed in Spanish by the USDA that mentioned “we do not check citizenship status” for EBT applicants? It was not that long ago. I know undocumented & refugees are not the same, I mention it as EBT is in this story. I live in an area populated with a lot of Central Americans, many illegal. They are on EBT and not green card holders. If anyone doubts me, I urge them to visit any SNAP office and see for themselves- 98% of applicants are Spanish only speaking. It’s not illegal to wait in a SNAP office even if you’re not applying.

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