Students Cheat Using Moe's Coursework Completion Services

Meet Moe! 
I guess you could call him a ‘new American,’ one of those guys with an entrepreneurial spirit Progressive propaganda is always telling us about—you know, the cultural-enrichers we are expected to welcome to the land of the free.
Moe who?
I looked, but apparently Yahoo Finance agreed to not report his full name, but basically Moe and his workers write papers and do math homework for pay from lazy students in their lucrative on-line business.

Moe's coursework
Moe: ‘People are always going to find a way to cheat’


Thanks to reader ‘Anon’ for sending this sickening story entitled,

‘I have a math guy’: There’s another college scandal hiding in plain sight

From Yahoo Finance: This post was originally published on December 6, 2018. It has been updated in light of the college admissions scandal that ensnared dozens of wealthy parents and various prestigious universities.

Moe’s Coursework Completion Services makes as much as $21,000 per month writing papers for students at various education levels, according to an exclusive interview with the owner of the academic fraud company.
The startup is a “paper mill,” meaning that students pay it to do coursework and term papers. Moe told Yahoo Finance that hundreds of students have used the service, which has been running since January 2017 and advertises publicly on Facebook.
How a paper mill works
Most of the students requesting paper mill services are undergraduates, but some are in high school or pursuing a Master’s degree or Ph.D.
“I have a math guy who does math, a nursing guy who does nursing, a writing guy who does writing,” Moe says when asked about his five part-time employees. [Just a bit scary to consider that nursing students are using this service!—ed]
Moe began as a tutor making $75 a day. Now, he estimates he makes between $600-$700 a day and about $15,000 a month (or approximately $180,000 a year). In the video above, Moe claims that his paper mill made $21,000 in October 2018.
Asked whether or not he’s ever felt remorse for his work, Moe responded: “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. Been too busy to think about it.”

Continue here and do not skip the Youtube video of Moe telling all about how he does it!
Moe says that professors turn a blind-eye to cheating.

My best advice!  Unless your children are very smart and want a specific profession that requires college, tell them to skip college and learn a trade.  The present college system is set up to indoctrinate your children in a Leftwing view of the world, education be damned. 


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    1. Maybe he does now that he has gone on camera to admit what he is doing… but then again, he isn’t identified and there must be at least a million ‘Moes’ out there! Or is it a billion!

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