Trump Bumps Obama as Gallup’s Most Admired Man!

And old demented Joe Biden, the guy with supposedly 80 plus million votes for President, comes in third.

You’ve probably seen it, but figured we needed a little boost and I wanted to post Trump’s latest ad anyway.

From The Hill:

Trump ends Obama’s 12-year run as most admired man: Gallup

President Trump has ended former President Obama’s 12-year run as the most admired man in America, edging out his predecessor in the annual Gallup survey released Tuesday.


Eighteen percent of the survey’s respondents named Trump as their most admired man, compared to 15 percent who named Obama and 6 percent who named President-elect Joe Biden. Three percent named National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, while 2 percent chose Pope Francis.


Time for another ad?

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2 thoughts on “Trump Bumps Obama as Gallup’s Most Admired Man!

  1. I have to wonder who Gallup poles to get their results. Like you, who was so tickled by the result
    that you posted about 11 hours earlier than usual, I like it. But, when they say that Obama was the most popular for 12 straight years and his wife was the most popular again this year, I have to wonder if the pollsters just randomly pick about a hundred people out of a phone book.
    And another thing, who is going to believe that Ann Corcoran did not poll higher than Michelle Obama?

    1. Thanks for the chuckle! I have long wondered who the pollsters call since I have never had one call me.

      And, one more thing. I normally just write in the morning because it is easier for me—brain awake and other stuff hasn’t pushed its way into my schedule. I didn’t know that anyone had noticed. Also, you might notice that I often don’t get to screening comments until the morning too. I am trying to be better at checking them throughout the day, but not always so good at it.

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