Tell the President to Hang Tough!

And, thank him for all he has done!

Yesterday, a friend suggested we should all write daily to the White House to express our support for everything Donald Trump has done for America First!

And, urge him to fight for as long as it takes!  Of course he likely won’t see your individual comments, but surely there is a daily digest.

Go here:


By the way, I have resumed posting at Refugee Resettlement Watch because with all the focus understandably on the turmoil in the country, I want to be sure we don’t lose sight of the issue and continue to have a record of what is happening with the refugee industry here and what is happening in Europe and elsewhere as the migrant-spawned Islamic terrorism continues. 

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7 thoughts on “Tell the President to Hang Tough!

  1. Great idea and we can be sure many of us are committed to supporting Donald Trump and are proud to be on the list!! Has anyone checked out Trying to clarify where to donate to Trump’s Legal Defense Fund!

  2. I plan to never vote again. It is a farce. The communists and atheists have won. There is no point.

  3. Thank you Ann for all you have done to keep us informed about these issues. Good suggestion to thank President Trump. You have kept up the good fight also. So you deserve alot of credit.

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks but I am really getting weary and I am sure you can all tell. Every day, I debate with myself about quitting all of this and going to my garden, my fields and woods. I either have to get serious about posting and answering comments and e-mails or retire. I will have to keep RRW going at least for now though because few will monitor that program going forward.

  4. Ann, Thank you for your work for all these years and for continuing it now. I often share your information with email friends and sometimes to local political leaders, as I know it is trustworthy. I am grateful. I left Lancaster PA to move to Nevada five years ago, to what I thought was a “red” state. We now call this “Eastern California” because of the high number of California citizens who fled the high taxes and restrictions of California but continue to vote for Democrats here in Nevada. They brought in a Democratic Governnor and majority of Dems in state legislature. They brought in government restrictions and they are making attempts to bring in a state income tax. They have welcomed in a refugee resettlement group here as of 2015, bringing in Muslims but refusing to help them assimulate. I tried to get Muslim girls into the local boys and girls clubs but I was told that this was not needed. Nevada Republicans have documented and reported widespread election fraud and voter intimidation on our just past election day. Pres Trump has that information. I moved here to be close to family and I liked the classic Nevada culture, but it sure doesn’t feel good right now.

  5. Ann, its just in fathomable that the deep state and hate for Trump is so far reaching and ingrained into the election system to permit losing ballots, fraudulent voting and software glitches against the president and Republican candidates. If President Trump doesn’t win, this mess of criminal acts will just migrate and progress into the election process and seal our fate forever. Washington D.C. is a big enough bastion of the “Deep State” and needs to be overhauled. Biden won’t do it. Each state has got to clean up its own mess by getting honorable people involved. The professional politicians have created a mess. Need to put term limits in place for all elected positions and stimulate/motivate the Democrat’s to clean up there party’s criminal element. Probably an impossible hope! Maybe the same for the Republicans. Anyway here in our little Conservative area in SoCal we try. Thank God and our founding fathers for the electoral College. There may be some justice there!

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